The Top Alternatives to Includes Amazon SNS, OneSignal, PushCrew, WebPush and 11 other products in Push Notifications Services


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15 Alternatives


15 Alternatives

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Socket is a JavaScript library which enables bi-directional, real-time communication between server and web applications. It helps users to push messages to their clients, which get represented as real-time logs, counters or charts. It offers the ability for implementing binary streaming, document collaboration, real-time analytics and instant messaging. Some notable users of Socket can include Zendesk, Microsoft Office and Yammer, while it works on multiple devices, browsers and platforms.

Top Features

  • Real-time Notifications
  • Bi-directional Event-based Communication
  • Multiple Browsers Supported
  • Multiple Devices Supported
  • Real-time Counters
  • Real-time Charts & Logs
  • Binary Streaming
  • Sending Images
  • Sending Audio & Video
  • Instant Messaging & Chat
  • Documents Collaboration
  • Tracking Documents Changes
  • Whiteboard Creation
  • Chat Application