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It is safe to say that you are running an organization, and you need to deal with your company and employee expenses. Soldo can help you to make this task simple. The platform aims to make it simple to deal with your organization's expenses in a single platform. Alongside a capacity to withdraw and deposit funds, Soldo permits you to control and oversee worker expenses easily.

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Soldo Quick Info

Soldo offers financial services for organizations and helps them to remove the pain of managing company expenses. The Soldo permits the organization to control and manage their expenses, as well as the expenses of employees. It provides prepaid platinum cards that would help employees to withdraw funds or go shopping as per requirement.

It is important to note that the Soldo application permits you to perform similar functions as that of any banking system; however, Soldo is not a private bank. Soldo offers third-party services to allow an organization to manage their financial needs proficiently. The application additionally permits you to store and transfer funds through your Soldo account with a simple click.

Simple Deposit

While Soldo clarifies itself as a non-bank, one can still perform comparable banking functions. This incorporates the capacity to store funds into the Soldo account, just as make transfers. To save funds, you need to complete a bank transfer. When the funds arrive, you would then be able to start allocating money to your employees. Cardholders likewise have the choice of withdrawing cash from an ATM. Overall, Soldo has all the features one needs for managing all the financial needs.

Mobile Support

Soldo likewise offers a native mobile application. The application is free to download across both Android and iOS gadgets. The app is valuable for various reasons. Above all, it permits you to monitor and track spending in real-time. You can set custom application notifications, which means you will be informed whenever significant transactions occur. You are complete control of your financial services with the Soldo mobile app.

Custom Reports

Soldo empowers you to create custom reports easily. You can download statements to analyze what amount has been invested during a specific period, and then break the data to give you helpful insights. Also, you can create transaction reports, which you would then be able to categorize by executing filters. This will permit you to quickly analyze where the majority of your expenses are going, and which representatives specifically are making the most purchases.

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