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Sparkchart is a survey software tool for business advisors to help clients to discover knowledge, ideas and to deploy any professional survey like employee surveys, customer surveys, etc. It is a cloud-based platform to add client value. It was founded in 2016 in Australia. For the business consultants seeking to get feedback, ideas, and answers from customers, employees, teams, and markets, it is the best option.

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Spark Chart

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Spark Chart Quick Info

A major focus of every industry rests on customer satisfaction. To retain your target audience as loyal customers, you need to understand their requirements. Here comes in the need to conduct surveys. You need the right survey tools for that. Spark chart provides a platform for the same allowing you to explore ideas. Based on the feedback given by the customers, a statistical analysis is done. A striking feature of SparkChart is that one gets support and advice from survey experts 24/7.

Types of Sparkchart

Sparkcharts are best used to visualize data and trends over time with additional context. The emphasis is on relative values. There are 3 types of SparkChart – SparkLines, SparkColumns, Spark Win/Loss chart.  A SparkLine chart drawn without axes and coordinates presents a general variation. It can be a simple line chart or a line with an area chart. SparkColumn is of 2 types Bar and RangeBar. Where data is to be visualized in continuity, the SparkLine chart is used. To facilitate contrast and differentiation, SparkColumns are the best. Spark Win/Loss charts help analyze a Win/loss situation. 

Salient features

It provides the user with predefined themes and a rich set of templates. It allows you to design a survey of your choice. Based on individual survey responses, automate with conditional logic. In Win-Loss charts, different color schemes are available for scoreless games and depicting the win, loss and draw. Customize the period length and highlight it by using colored background blocks. It is also possible to configure the trend-lines and trend-zones for sparkline and column charts. Surveys can be done in any language as accounts come with preinstalled languages. Personalize the presentation. As soon as the survey is completed, the application notifies the user.


The above mentioned salient features help to create comprehensive reports from a large range of chart options. You can easily research markets and potential customers. You can customize reports and share them as a public or private link. The rich set of charting tools enables the analysis of results. A large portion of the work is done by the application, thereby saving your time. 

Company Information

Company Name: Spark Chart

Founded In: 2016

Twitter ID: sparkchart

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