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Spendesk combines the functionalities of prepaid cards with the expense reporting system. It is a spend management system. This system helps in controlling the budgets and monitors every penny that is being spent by the company. The system also eliminates the need for multiple tools needed for payment by providing all the services by a single payment method.

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Spendesk Quick Info

Every company needs a management system that handles the finances and the expenses of the company. The company needs the system to monitor the expenses and hence manage the budgeting. Spendesk software manages these activities and provides you a secure and reliable solution. Spendesk combines the features of the spend management system and the payment system to centralize the working at a single place.


To use this software, you need to create an account and money for it. There is a team that then plans out the workflows and displays the policies related to spending that can be done. The manager has control over planning the budget. The team submits the expenses, and the manager is the one who will approve or disapprove these expenses.

There is the availability of many flexible payment methods in this software, and you can use any of the methods to pay online. It automatically sends notifications and reminders. It also manages the payment categorization automatically. You can also monitor the money in real-time. You also get reports that gets automatically created by the software.


Spendesk offers secure payments by allowing the use of virtual and physical cards. It also has an app that works on the mobile. You can easily upload the receipts on this app. You can also track all the payments through this app from anywhere and at any time you want. You can get approvals to the expenses by the managers with the help of this service.

Spendesk system helps in avoiding the repetitive entry of the data. This system also provides eReceipts that are authentic and certified and hence eliminate the use of paper. You can keep track of the invoices in one place. It supports multiple currencies. The system maps the funds and budgets according to the organization and also saves you time by auto-filling the VAT rates.

Spendesk X Slack Integration

This integration acts as a management system for agile teams. In this system, the managers have the facility of approving the request instantly. The notification is sent in the slack to the manager whenever there is a need for approval. Employees get the opportunity of tacking the status of the request they had placed. Accountants get the facility of either sending reminders manually or automatically.

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