Status Cake

By: TrafficCake Limited

Status Cake is a website monitor that includes SSL certificate monitoring, domain monitoring, malware and virus scanning, public reporting, full feature API, Multiple User Accounts, Maintenance Windows, Live Updating Dashboard, Performance data, etc. Status Cakes is a product of Traffic Cake Limited which is established in London-UK. It monitors IMCP ping responses, HTTP queries and it incorporates methods for testing TCP, DNS, HTTP(s), and IMCP Pings.

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Status Cake

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Status Cake Quick Info

Most businesses today focus heavily on improving the overall customer experience as it is this experience that will drive repeat purchases and customer loyalty. The online browsing and purchase experience for a customer depends on several factors. Two of the most important among these are website uptime and website performance. Website uptime determines the availability of online business and better website uptime results in good search engine rankings. It also leads to better sales and builds a greater degree of trust among customers.

Why is performance monitoring important?

Moreover, the overall website performance acts as a great starting point for business owners to introspect their shortcomings and improve the customer experience in their online store. Several online tools are used for these and one of the leading ones amongst them is Status Cake. It provides users with website uptime and performance monitoring support. The tool comes with features like Uptime monitoring, Server monitoring, Domain monitoring, and Page speed monitoring. Uptime monitoring is done from over 28 countries and is done using protocols such as HTTP, HEAD, TCP, DNS, and SMTP among others.

Comprehensive feature list

Additionally, the tool also offers features like SSL monitoring, Virus scanning, and reporting features. The SSL monitoring feature alerts users about renewing their SSL certificates before they expire. Virus scanning is another useful feature provided by the tool. The feature automatically scans the website when a threat is detected and keeps the website safe from all kinds of trojans and malware. In addition to these, the reporting features offered by the tool helps the user in staying sync with the various performance parameters of the website.

Complementary trial period

Interested users can sign up for the tool and get started with a free 7-day trial offered exclusively to first-time users. The users can then choose from a range of paid plans available on both monthly billing as well as annual billing basis.

Top Features

Core Features
  • Unlimited Monitors
  • Unlimited Alerts
  • Checking Rates
  • Upto 60 Locations
  • Checking Viruses
  • Monitoring SSL
  • Monitoring Domain Expiration
  • Monitoring Page Speed
  • Matching Content
  • Testing Real Browser
  • Brand Free Reports
  • Email Templates
  • Unlimited API Calls
  • Multiple User Accounts
  • Governance & Reporting
  • Invoice Payment
  • Premium Test Locations
  • Downtime Alerts

Company Information

Company Name: TrafficCake Limited

Founded In: 2012

Address: 60 Pretoria Avenue, London, UK

Facebook ID: statuscake

Twitter ID: statuscaketeam