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Survey Solutions is an interview technology that is computer-assisted. It was developed by the World bank. It does surveys for many organizations ranging from government sector organizations to private organizations. It uses tablet devices for this purpose. This software works as per the requirement of the client. These surveys are done on low-cost devices.

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Survey Solutions

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Survey Solutions Quick Info

Surveys play an important role in understanding the needs and performance of a product/ service. The data collected through the survey contains the statistics of various structures. In the past, people used to go to various places to collect this survey data, but due to the emergence of the digital platform, the process of the survey has gone online and is managed by the computer. Survey Solutions follow this technology and provide effective surveys to the organizations.

Jump into the pool of Quality data

The software helps you to create your own questionnaire for the survey. You can input basic questions with many related questions also. It allows scanning of barcodes and capturing of images using external devices. It includes the features of the. NET platform and validation algorithms with the help of which you can validate the answers obtained in the survey. It gives you various modes to capture the survey data like offline collection, online through tablets, and also through interviews conducted on the phone. The cloud platform provided for the storage of this data is secure and reliable. It supports the Global Information System that helps in getting information about the distances, locations, etc.

The Workflow of the Designer

The designer present in this software reduces the complexities and create simple yet effective survey data. It supports various languages which remove the hurdle of language problem in different parts of the world. This kind of support makes the software acceptable globally. You get the opportunity to discuss with your team and then using inputs of the team, you can design the questions. It also has a compiler that helps you when you get stuck at some problem. The testing of the questionnaire can be performed on your tablet device online. For review purposes, you can create PDF documents with the help of the software.

Attractive features

Apart from the designing of the surveys, they also manage the servers. They provide you with a demo server so that you can test your survey before bringing it into the game. It provides a complete reporting system that helps you in the analysis process.

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