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Sysomos provides social media monitoring tools with unlimited searches and unlimited results. It features Social Intelligence, Sysomos Map, and Sysomos Heartbeat. The Social Intelligence solution helps you to make better business decisions. The Sysomos Map provides a search engine service for social media platforms. The Sysomos Heartbeat helps to measure the success of your marketing.

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Sysomos Quick Info

Social media is a very powerful tool in today's digital world and using it with a great marketing strategy will provide you with infinite benefits in your business. Sysomos, which is now converted into Meltwater Social is a brand name that you can trust for all your marketing strategies expertise in social media as well as customer service facility. 

What are the facilities inferred by Sysomos?

Different types of services provided by Sysomos are marketing of brands which include creating a very effective strategy for marketing through social media and executing it so that the brand name can be marketed all across the web and everyone knows your business by the name of your brand. Sysomos also provides you with a customer service facility that you can use for your brand to deliver the best support services to your customers.

The research and insights section of Sysomos will help you to analyze all the reactions of your strategy and the insights of everything will let you know what is working out for you and what is not so that you can improve it for better marketing. The services offered by Sysomos include searching, discovering, publishing and engaging your content as well as getting insights and complete analysis of your data. 

Sysomos USPs and Clients?

The major areas in which Sysomos deals are professional and customer support services. But they also provide their services for developers and command centers. Sysomos have many kinds of services and packages so that you can choose what you want and you have to pay only for these products. Major clients of Central and NBC, IBM, Subway, WTO Group, and many more. 

Why is it important to use a tool like Sysomos?

The company offers such services because there is a lot of social data that piles up and can provide a boost to the marketing insights of the company when analyzed, extracted and implemented properly but it is not utilized to a larger extent. Sysomos lets you extract useful information from the huge pile of data to give you a boost by taking responsible action and gives your organization/business the best essence of social media.

Top Features

  • Social Research & Analytics
  • Influence Visualization
  • Influencer Communities
  • Brand & Trend Monitoring
  • Rich Data Set
  • Capturing Conversations
  • Unparalled Social Listening
  • Task & Workflow Rules
  • Centralized Publishing
  • Key Influencer Engagement
  • Targeting Ad Campaigns
  • Identifying Key Influencers
  • Understand Entire Communities
  • Key Stakeholders Engagement
  • Comprehensive & Integrated Solutions
  • Listening & Analyzing Data
  • Relevantly Engagement
  • Multiple Social Channels
  • Social Management & Publishing
  • Facebook Topic Data
  • Managing Social Media
  • Content Marketing
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Unrivaled Access
  • Impactful Insights
  • Image-Based Recognition
  • Monitoring Brand
  • Tracking Social Media

Company Information

Company Name: Sysomos Inc.

Founded In: 2007

Address: 25 York Street Suite 900, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Facebook ID: sysomos

Twitter ID: sysomos

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