By: Taiga Agile, LLC

Provides open-source free project management software designed for startups and agile developers. It features intuitive platform, simple project management, full customization, full project control, user story, related tasks, project tracking and deadline, issue tracking, task assignment, and more. It can be used to create public projects and private projects, with unlimited projects and users.

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Taiga Quick Info

Managing a project is, honestly, quite tough work. Lookout out for team members, assigning them tasks, solving their issues, ideating new ideas and conveying them to the client and team members, scheduling tasks, etc. all these just nicks the surface of the tasks that truly have to be done to ensure that the project is successful. Taiga helps loosen up the pressure with its flexible, open-source project management tool that is designed to facilitate agile development. Its ways are non-conventional, innovative and definitely much more effective than its competitors. It aims to be minimal, yet usable, so that the project manager can spend more time focusing on their project, rather than getting confused about the interface and functionality of the project management software.

Powerful methodologies to assist in an agile application lifecycle

Taiga uses two methodologies for its project management system. The first one is Scrum, which breaks down the project into small parts called ‘sprints’. These ‘sprints’ have to be prioritized by the project manager according to client demands and completed in quick, short cycles. The team members choose these sprints based on their skill and complete them to further the project lifecycle. The other method is the Kanban, which also uses a similar task division method. Here, however, a bulletin-board-like system is used to organize the tasks at hand in the form of cards. These tasks are accepted by the team members who update the progress through these cards.

A powerful platform to do more in less time

Taiga has all the necessary features that allow teams to have much better team-management capabilities and organize all tasks with attention to detail. Managers can track issues and bugs during deployment and development. They can break tasks into relevant parts, assign them to different people and then monitor them separately. The Admin tool helps in modifying projects according to customer requirements. Additionally, there the Epic tool that allows managers to monitor an unlimited number of projects through one platform easily. All these can be accessed from a dedicated mobile app for additional portability.

Top Features

Core Features
  • Unlimited Public Projects
  • Monitoring Issues
  • Managing Issues Lists
  • Adding Wiki Pages
  • Tasks Creation
  • Managing Tasks
  • Team Collaboration
  • Roadmap Creation
  • Granted Access
  • Tracking Projects
  • Social Management
  • Third-party Integration
  • Powerful API Access

Company Information

Company Name: Taiga Agile, LLC

Founded In: 2014

Address: New York, NY, USA

Facebook ID: taigaio

Twitter ID: taigaio