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Talkwalker provides social media monitoring and analytics tools that provide actionable insights about your social media marketing. It features monthly new results, data storage, historical data access, multiple social media support, page analytics, performance analytics, user analytics, competitive analytics, detailed reporting, and more. There are four pricing options available: Free Search, Basic, Corporate, and Enterprise.

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Talkwalker Quick Info

For today’s brands and businesses, social media forms an important part of their marketing strategy. Most of them look at it as a medium for communication as well as conversion. Additionally, it also acts as a great medium for building brand awareness and value. Therefore, its analytics and optimization become very important. Dedicated social media analytics platforms are available in the marketplace and Talkwalker is one of them. The main benefit of using a platform like Talkwalker is that it provides its users with a centralized view of social media activity.

Campaign management

Additionally, the users also have the option of choosing social media profiles of their competitors which helps them compare and analyze key metrics such as engagement, acquisition and conversion rate. Advanced metrics such as sentiment analysis, image recognition, and virality can also be tracked using the platform. The platform can also be used to create and launch compelling social media campaigns. Tools such as Virality maps and options such as filtering and free social search enable tracking and managing campaigns very convenient.

Influencer marketing

The platform can also be used to identify and get in touch with influencers. The platform possesses a large pool of influencer database and the same could be searched using different search parameters. In addition to this, the Image recognition tool captures and presents the visual mentions of the user’s brand by an influencer to better understand and leverage the medium. The platform further assists users in identifying competition and staying ahead of it. Options that offer a 360-degree view of the brand’s social presence are offered to the user.

The enterprise edition

The users can also use the platform to identify trending topics and create content on those lines to drive better engagement rates among users. An enterprise-specific version of the platform is also on offer and it comes with features such as marketing intelligence, consumer intelligence, and communications intelligence. The platform is offered in three packages named as basic, corporate and enterprise. Overall, the Talkwalker is a great tool to have as it enhances the power of social media and also helps in optimizing ad-spend on the medium.

Top Features

  • Powerful Social Media
  • Social Benchmarking & Dashboard
  • Monitoring Brands & Agencies
  • Monitoring International Brands
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Topics
  • 1M Results
  • Ongoing Data Storage
  • Access Historical Data
  • Twitter Full Firehose
  • Facebook & Twitter Listening
  • Youtube & Blogs Listening
  • News & Forums Listening
  • Google+ & Instagram Listening
  • Detailed Page Analytics
  • Fans & Followers Insights
  • Page Activities
  • Content Analytics
  • Topic & Trends Analytics
  • Social Engagement
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Performance Analytics
  • Tracking Reach & Impressions
  • Tracking Engagement Rate
  • Content Performance
  • Demographical & Geographical Performance
  • KPIs Reporting
  • User Analytics
  • Targeting Audiences
  • Influencers & Demographics
  • User Engagement
  • Unlimited Competitor Pages
  • Campaign Measurement & Comparisons
  • Multi-dimensional Comparison & Filtering
  • Dashboards Reporting & Newsletter
  • Unlimited Alerts
  • Data Curation & Tagging
  • Managing Workflow
  • Exporting Data

Company Information

Company Name: Talkwalker Inc.

Founded In: 2009

Address: 14, rue Aldringen, Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Facebook ID: talkwalker

Twitter ID: talkwalker

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