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Teamsnap is a complete team management application designed especially for Fitness & sports clubs and teams. The online platform allows you to manage your team right from your account. Some of its functioning involves team members’ profiles, contact information, schedule events, individual and group messaging and online payment management. The software is available on web-based platform as well in the form of mobile application.

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TeamSnap Quick Info

TeamSnap is a great application that offers many fitness tracking efficacies. Operative since 2009, TeamSnap has proposed with varied methods to manage their sports activities as well as group efforts. They have served their customers with over 22 million coaches, various admins, sports players, and many such people rely on it. They use various methods of communication, health schedules, payrolls, games, etc.

TeamSnap App Features and Subscription Plans

TeamSnap offers its app in three main forms, viz., Club & Leagues, Teams, and Tournaments. These are three different product plans with different tools. In this, TeamSnap Club & Leagues, they have provided an application to manage sports teams and clubs.

In here, it houses over 19000 teams and sports leagues. The app can be downloaded from either Android or iOS stores. Under the application, after the installation, the user can register their teams and clubs. After that, they add their roster in the app. Connect the people in the roster and make schedules. TeamSnap also offers the admins to make a website for their teams. Invoicing can be done via the phone app itself. This app has over 20 million users, 2 million teams, and about 20k registered clubs & leagues. The Plans here are divided as Ultra, Premium, and Basic.

The basic version is free and lacks scheduler, and a few support features only. All the rest tools are readily given in all versions. However, there are various add-ons in the team feature like background checks, websites, and tournaments. Users can also use the paid club plans in a 14-day trial. Under the Team Management app, we get access to various team management features of the app. Under that, TeamSnap has included a communication center, plan manager, sharing & tracking tools, and money exchange mode.

In the communication center, admins can add rosters and messages to them. They can also make schedules, assignments, lineups, and even check member statuses. Overall performance stats can be seen too. The team plan has both a free and a paid version of $8.34. Lastly, users can create their tournaments by registering teams, games, and real-time updates via this app. TeamSnap is, therefore, quite a reliable app to manage sports teams and clubs.

Top Features

  • Organizing Team Schedule
  • Editing Event Details
  • Exporting Team Schedule
  • Custom Fields
  • Editing Team Rosters
  • Contact Information
  • Private Messaging
  • Email Reminders
  • Viewing Locations
  • Syncing Personal Calendar
  • Password-protected Access
  • Team Fansite
  • Facebook Integration
  • Text Messaging
  • Viewing Availability
  • Tracking Payments
  • Online Collections
  • Coordinate Refreshments
  • Forecasting Weather
  • Detailed Reports & Statistics
  • Custom Domain
  • Logo & Color Customization
  • Customized Fields
  • Multiple Team Sponsorship
  • Centralized Scheduling
  • League-Wide Messaging
  • Online Registration
  • Website Builder
  • Mobile Application

Company Information

Company Name: TeamSnap, Inc.

Founded In: 2007

Address: 1401 Pearl St Suite 300, Boulder, CO, USA

Facebook ID: TeamSnap

Twitter ID: teamsnap