By: Teramind Inc.

Teramind is a cloud based application that helps in monitoring user activity at a workplace. The product also provides the ability of connecting different devices and capturing screenshots, recording and checking email contents. The product provides a good tracking mechanism and also helps in prevention of data theft. The application works on a cloud platform and hence the data gets stored over applicant’s account.

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15 Alternatives

Top Teramind Alternatives

Teramind Quick Info

Teramind provides employee monitoring, user behavior analytics, data loss prevention solutions, etc. It is trusted by over 2000 organizations across all fields to detect and prevent malicious user behavior and to drive productivity and efficiency. It is based in Miami, Florida. The various services offered by them include user activity monitoring, user behavior analytics, data loss prevention, employee monitoring, compliance and audit, and insider threat prevention.

User Activity Monitoring

User monitoring includes monitoring of instant messages, networks, emails, file transfers, websites, print documents, applications and many more. This gives you an upper hand when there is some discrepancy in user behavior. You can also detect if some employee is spending unproductive time at the workplace. It also decreases the concern of security issues due to employees.

Data Loss Prevention

Data loss prevention is a method to ensure that your employees do not share your company details to outsiders. Since data breach incidents are increasing rapidly, it's high time that you implement the data loss prevention provided by Teramind to ensure that it doesn't happen in your business also.

Remote Employee Monitoring

Remote work is increasing in all sectors, more and more people are now working for companies at the luxury of their home situated in a completely different time zone. Even though it has its benefits, there are a lot of security concerns. Teramind's remote employee monitoring overcomes this issue by implementing features like network access control and tracking employee time and overall productivity.

Employee monitoring can improve the productivity of your employees hugely. It can also reduce the administration work, and increase employee engagement.

Using this you can create a fair and transparent organization where everyone is measured objectively using the same process. This can give the right person a head start in promotions and an unskillful person to get demoted.

Teramind is probably the best platform for employee monitoring which brings data loss prevention, user activity monitoring and insider threat detection in a single service. You cannot ask for something much better than this for your company, and the potential this holds can improve your productivity vastly efficiently and profitably manner.

Top Features

Core Features
  • Viewing Live Activities
  • Playback Histories
  • Smart Rules
  • Automated Alerts
  • Blocking Websites
  • Monitoring Websites
  • Viewing Website Histories
  • Tracking Internet Activities
  • Monitoring Email
  • Tracking File Transfers
  • Keystroke Logger
  • Tracking Printed Documents
  • Monitoring Instant Messages
  • Monitoring Database Queries
  • Remotely Control
  • Template-based Scheduling
  • Employee Productivity Analysis
  • Comprehensive Dashboards & Reporting
  • Robust Deployment
  • Agile Reporting
  • Monitoring Customization
  • Multiple Supported Platforms

Company Information

Company Name: Teramind Inc.

Founded In: 2014

Address: 37-24 24th Street, Suite 340, Long Island City, NY, USA

Facebook ID: teramindco

Twitter ID: teramindco