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Time Clock Wizard provides a free online employee scheduling and time clock software. It features timesheet requests, advanced employee scheduling, email and text message schedules, shift switch requests, payroll generation, payroll views, customized pay and overtime rates, reporting, and more. The service is provided by Time Clock Wizard, a company based in Plantation, Florida, USA.

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Time Clock Wizard

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Time Clock Wizard Quick Info

Time Clock Wizard is an online tool that offers services such as employee scheduling, online time clock, payroll reporting and PTO reporting among a host of other services. The best part of using the tool is that it is absolutely free. Moreover, it also has a dedicated mobile app to help its users track time and use other features on the go. The tool offers a range of features starting from employee time tracking, task management, reporting and scheduling among others.

The time tracking abilities

As a part of the employee time tracking feature, the tool gives its users absolute control over the access of the clock. This essentially means that an employer can control the access of his employees to the clock. Additionally, they also have the power to edit check-in and check-out time and can also avail the service of receiving instant alerts when check-ins and check-outs are attempted at unusual times. The tool also offers scheduling features that come with excellent scalability options and can be used by businesses of all sizes.

Task management services

Businesses and organizations today have employees working in different environments. Some may be in-office employees, while others may be working from a remote location. The task management features assist the employers in assigning tasks to different employees and also track them. The features also enable employees with common tasks to communicate with each other. In addition to the task management features the tool also offers options to generate different types of reports. These reports include payroll reports, timesheet reports, PTO reports, schedule reports, and employee contact reports.

Enhanced flexibility and security options

Additionally, the tool also offers the option of downloading these reports in several file formats like PDF, Word, Excel, and CSV. To top it all the tool offers good security features that enable user verification, edit access controls, and offline data protection. The user verification features come with options such as photo capture, two-factor authentication, and user-specific passwords while the offline data protection comes with options like employee directory integration. The tool is offered in three packages namely value, pro, and enterprise. The enterprise package comes fully loaded with features and is the best package offered by the tool. With the experience of having served over 100,000 businesses, Time Clock Wizard can be an ideal fit for all the time tracking requirements.

Company Information

Company Name: TimeClockWizard.com

Address: 8201 Peters Rd., Suite #1000, Plantation, FL, USA

Facebook ID: timeclockwizard

Twitter ID: timeclockwizard


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