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Trusted Shops is a popular e-commerce site creator that offers its services mainly in the European nations. The company has been operative since 1999, with detailed online stores and Trustmark service to improve customer trust along with customer reviews. They even incorporate support for legal services. With more than 400 staff, they serve 25k member shops and serve over 20 million customers.

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Trusted Shops

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Trusted Shops Quick Info

Started as a joint venture, Trusted Shops has evolved to be a better e-store site. Their services mainly rely on serving online retailers with e-store and other tools necessary to run these sites. They offer this after these shops are passed through a trust mark that checks multiple areas of the site like site security, data protection, privacy features, support services, and proper pricing. The Company aims its services primarily in the EU regions.

Trusted Shops Online Store Features

Trusted Shops come in three main plans for the retailers. These are Start Up, Pro, and Premium subscription, costing £99, 129, and a custom pricing for their plans. The Start-Up plan is targeted for an annual turnover of 50k pounds and the Pro plan for over 100k pounds. In comparison, most features are the same in three plans. They have added Google and Bing integration in the basic plan, unlimited product reviews in basic/pro, and on-demand reviews in all three plans.

Trusted Shops Sub-Products

The core products seen in each plan are Trustmark, Data Privacy 360, Money-Back Guarantee, Customer Reviews, Google Integrations, and Product Reviews. Trusted Shop has included vital integrations from top e-store sites like Shopware, PrestaShop, Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, etc. Trustmark provides legal audited quality criteria and trust ratings, with a dedicated legal advisor and transparent protocols. In the Money-Back Guarantee tools, the setup e-store will have a 30-day money-back claim with full GDPR compliances and a dispute mediation service.

Admins get the feature of Unlimited Shop Reviews to comprehend collection of all reviews, Trusted Shops API, social media integrations, and an NPS tool. This is controlled by a dedicated account manager, with live onboarding and better user controls. The features in the Unlimited Product reviews are the same as in-shop reviews. Similarly, the Omni-channel review supports the collection of reviews via physical machines, performance analytics, and optimized SEO profiles. Each of the interface follows strict GDPR compliances. Trusted Shops can be used to create a shop with better ratings and trust mark.

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