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UniSender is a tool designed to aid companies by boosting their marketing performance to the fullest possible degree. It is an epitome of efficiency in simplicity. Organizations can create engaging campaigns directed mainly towards messaging channels like SMS and emails. Its interface is minimalistic, and its functions are designed to counter common problems that are encountered during marketing.

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UniSender Quick Info

Digital marketing fuels most of the marketing needs of businesses nowadays, especially smaller and medium-sized businesses. This is because it is more cost-effective and sure-shot than other means of advertisements, and there is much less risk while using it. UniSender is a provider of marketing solutions that further mitigates the risk of failure for email and SMS marketing and ensures that its users get 100% results always. Even global companies like Radisson Blu, HiPP Organic and TELE2 use the cloud-based SaaS, due to its reliability and efficiency in attracting and engaging potential customers.

Launching supersonic campaigns in a fraction of the price

With UniSender, organizations can experience the bliss of amazing accessibility. Large marketing campaigns can be created in less than half an hour with the platform, with absolutely no compromises on engagement and performance. The only things that are required are a well-segmented contact list and some ideas for brilliant campaigns. Firstly, the user has to import the emails or phone numbers of their intended leads. After that comes the real task of designing the letter, but even that is made infinitesimally simple by the non-convoluted drag-and-drop interface. The campaign is then deployed in a click of a button.

A marketing system loaded with features

UniSender is unmatchable in its features, which increases the convenience and the general quality of each campaign. Companies are bound to find that UniSender works wonders compared to their previous solutions, with its speed, automation, and personalization. Using the platform, companies can easily create automated campaigns, which intelligently uses information collected about the receiver and produce personalized results. There is minimal effort involved but the payoff is huge. Additionally, the company can get detailed info regarding how well the campaign is performing.  

Statistics for better future campaigns

UniSender includes in its platform a powerful analytics engine, which ensures that every campaign is significantly better than the last. Information like the performance of the campaign, peak popularity, etc., all are available handily. Companies can even understand what format of content makes their customers tick and use this information in the future.

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