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Unmetric is a social media analytics platform that is designed specifically for brands. It features support for all major social networks, unlimited users, no audience size restriction, historical data, unlimited searches, brand performance comparison, engaging content creation, brand information analysis, and more. It offers three pricing options: Pro, Pro+, and Premium, with PAYG plan available.

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Unmetric Quick Info

Unmetric provides analytics adhering to social media benchmarks to analyze and improve your social standing. Corporations these days heavily rely on social media as it is a platform to get approval and validation of customers. To secure a top spot in the standing, extensive research, data, and service validation according to clients, and unique marketing approach is a prerequisite. The latter attributes are offered on a silver platter to you by Unmetric.

Setting the benchmark first

Unmetric provides a benchmark standing across all platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. The benchmark platform provides insight into the performance of your product, specific customer reviews, and figures relating to acceptance in society. This benchmark is necessary as it helps to tweak your marketing strategy, allowing more acceptance into society and increased revenue generation. A benchmark is effective only if it is compared with major league companies. Keeping this in mind, Unmetric provides you with the statistics of all the major companies in your field and your rank to show you where you stand and to guide you to make positive changes.

Idealizing content for you

Creating effective content that speaks out to the public is a crucial attribute to achieve a strong social standing. To get ideas, Unmetric offers its platform to scan across similar topics and check their engagement. When a certain target goes viral, Unmetric immediately chalks out its data and its engagement to help you develop similar content.

Reports made easy

The versatile transmission offered by Unmetric allows you to sort and transmit your reports into the destined folders and also sends those reports to the necessary individuals at the stipulated time. Report reviews are displayed in a self-explanatory manner with a statistical approach for a smooth understanding. So, to improve your social standing and to take your marketing strategies a notch further, Unmetric is your social benchmark guru to visit.

Top Features

  • Social Media Analytics,All-major Social Networks
  • Automated Reporting
  • Promoted Post Detection
  • Campaign Intelligence
  • Anayzing & Benchmarking Data
  • Facebook Insights
  • Historical Data
  • Comprehensive Metrics
  • Uncovering Promoted Posts
  • Refine Content
  • Justify Facebook Budget
  • Social Media Ideation
  • 45000 Brand Profiles
  • 4-major Social Network
  • Social Network Insights
  • iOS & Android Application
  • Tracking Real-time Competition
  • Tracking Social Profiles
  • Multiple Competitors
  • Viewing Live Events
  • Powerful Campaigns Management
  • Discovering Relevant Topics
  • Researching New Opportunities
  • Creative Collaboration
  • Identifying Relevant Content
  • Discovering New Topics
  • Explore Content Trends

Company Information

Company Name: Unmetric Inc.

Founded In: 2011

Address: 25 Broadway, New York, New York, USA

Facebook ID: unmetric

Twitter ID: unmetric

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