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By: Uptrends LLC

Since its founding in year 2007, Up Trends is all about cloud-based website performance and network monitoring. It monitors your web applications, websites, client certificates, and different web services (REST API, SOAP) for uptime and performance, additionally it also monitors your network devices and servers. It also lets you view real-time reports on a PC, smart phone or tablet and services like E-mail reports & export data are also included by it.

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Up Trends

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Up Trends Quick Info

Under important positions comes heavy responsibilities. Maintaining a large-scale business is not at all easy. Promises are meant to be kept. Once a company makes a promise to its customers, its entire reputation depends on how well it can keep it. Most of today’s business is now being hosted online. In this online world, the way one’s business is represented online has become the new face-value of it. Up Trends allows a person to gain complete control over his online presence. In case of anything snaps, Up Trends can help to resolve the issues as soon as possible.

Unlimited tests round the clock

We conduct various standard tests every minute to detect even the slightest flaw in online performance. After going through different steps, if a customer faces a site problem when he is about to buy a product, it might result in loss of brand value. Up Trends lets one monitor different processes in detail. In this way, customers will no longer face any trouble. Get notified instantly when traffic is high. Detect the reason behind server failures in the minimum time duration. Run tests on API performance every now and then to detect bugs.

Detailed monitoring

Get instantly notified when a server or device breaks down. Up Trends gives detailed reports in which the cause behind failure is mentioned clearly. Closely monitor the server performance to detect any indication of downtime in the near future. Up Trends provides its complete set of services on ordinary mobile phones too. One can choose the type of alert he wants to receive. Up Trends will notify him in that mode when anything goes wrong. With Up Trends, one can route notifications to a particular person or group only. Take pictures of the crashed site in order to better understand the error.

Create insightful dashboards

With Up Trends, one can create dashboards with insights embedded in them. If a company has its services distributed worldwide, then Up Trends can detect the locations in the world where the servers need maximum attention. One can now promise 100% server uptime.

Top Features

Core Features
  • Capturing Metrics
  • Maximize Website & Server
  • Monitoring Server Uptime
  • Monitoring Server Performance
  • Location-based Insights
  • Measurement Details
  • Multiple Protocols
  • Data Control
  • Email Reports
  • Exporting Data
  • Error Snapshots
  • Website History
  • False Alerts Protection
  • Scheduling Maintenance
  • Off-duty Schedules
  • Operators Groups
  • Custom Dashboards

Company Information

Company Name: Uptrends LLC

Founded In: 2007

Address: 401 Edgewater Place Suite 107, Wakefield, MA, USA

Facebook ID: uptrends

Twitter ID: UptrendsMonitor