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While this service allows you to move money from member to member for free, as well as opening and funding your account for free, the real fees that you need to pay are in the exchange rates. Exchange rates might be low for some currencies, but certain currencies might require you to pay higher exchange fees. Also, commodities like gold or palladium require you to pay the most expensive fees.

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UPHOLD Quick Info

In the modern era of digital transactions, it is hardly possible to shy away from any form of digital currencies. To manage them, we will need apps that enable us to conduct such transactions with great ease and security.

Uphold is one of the many currency exchange applications that offer reliability and security in various forms of value transactions like fiat and digital currencies, precious metals, etc., and all of that with a single app interface.

Started as Bitreserve in 2013, it is prominent in the field of digital transactions in over 180+ countries and with 30+ currencies, both traditional and cryptocurrencies. It has conducted about $4 billion+ of transactions so far with its services.

What does Uphold Hold?

It is not surprising to know that Uphold’s chief purpose is to facilitate the transactions across the internet with a single interface. It calls itself the internet of money.

The membership for Uphold is free of cost. Activities like opening and holding funds, funding account, send/receive money are free of charge.

However, Uphold earns by charging a % amount of transaction fees when you convert or buy between different currencies. The values of this charge rate are varied across countries. It will also charge small amount while you withdraw from it.

Unlike many other online transaction platforms, the cost of exchange is relatively lower, and so it has encompassed 1.5 million+ customers across the globe.

Uphold utilizes a closed-loop system, allowing the transfer/conversion of digital assets. The best part is that they have an open API that lets 3rd party developers integrate its services in their platform. Transparency is one of their top goals with real-time data exchange.

Uphold is customized based on its customers like individuals or businesses. It offers instant, low charge, and encrypted transaction feature. The details of even minutest of transaction activity are available.


Uphold truly holds a good grip on the current digital transactions market. Challenging typical shortcomings of banking transaction using openness, 100% secure customer verification methods, and holding assets on a reserve basis, it offers hassle-free transaction services.

Top Features

  • Pay By card
  • Link To Bank Account
  • Fast Exchange
  • Get Blockchain Access
  • Get Good Earning
  • Transparent Process
  • High Level Security
  • 2 factor Authentication
  • Transfer Worldwide

Company Information

Company Name: Uphold, Inc.

Facebook ID: UpholdInc

Twitter ID: UpholdInc

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