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By: Buzpark Bilisim Tarim Urunleri Sanayi Tic. Ltd.

Uptime Robot offers website monitoring service and its main monitoring location is in Dallas-USA. Different other nodes to verify down statuses of websites are also available in numerous other countries. Product was created in January-2010 and it manages your hosted email & cloud computing services from a single console. It monitors your websites every 5 minutes and it is totally free. For verifying accounts HTTP Basic Access Authentication is used and for reaching data account specific apiKeys and monitor-specific apiKeys are used. It alerts if your sites are down and keeps your websites up.

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Uptime Robot

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Uptime Robot Quick Info

When you visit a certain website and it takes too long to respond or sometimes even crashes is the worst experience when surfing online and you do not want the same to happen when you host the website of your business or service. You would always want your customers to have a smooth experience but it seems quite tough in the era of internet traffic. But you can take the necessary precautions to prevent the disturbance and get your system a healthy checkup frequently.

The Uptime Robot is a site that provides immediate notifications right to your desktop after scanning your website and monitors during the downtime. 50 monitors can be checks with the help of the site for absolutely no cost.

What exactly is the uptime Robot and how does it help in the streamline functions of your ports?

Uptime Robot was created back in the year 2010 when the developers and the designers felt the need to help to keep your website up to date. At times, many things can go wrong such as the code, network or server, but the site helps in monitoring your site in every five-minute interval and instantly alerts for an issue.

The site and its services are used by more than 700,000 plus users from all around the world which includes leading e-commerce sites such as Staples, Expedia, Mini, etc.

The site, services and the plans for monitoring your website

The site has a free and a pro plan. The free plan consists of startup tools that come with 50 monitors and 2 months of logs with a 5-minute monitoring interval, whereas the pro plan comes with a monitoring interval much apt and faster than the free version that is 1 minute. The pro plan comes with 50 monitors to 20 thousand monitors to check from with a 24 month of logs everything at only $4.5 when billed annually or $5.50 when billed monthly with an applied 20% discount that stays for next three years while the free plan only demands you to sign up to the site.

Top Features

Core Features
  • Monitoring HTTP & HTTP(S)
  • Monitoring Website Ping
  • Monitoring Port Speed
  • Checking Keywords
  • E-mail & SMS Alerts
  • Twitter Alerts
  • Web-hooks & Push
  • Viewing Server Uptime
  • Viewing Server Downtime
  • Viewing Response Times
  • API Access
  • Third-party Integrations
  • One-min Intervals

Company Information

Company Name: Buzpark Bilisim Tarim Urunleri Sanayi Tic. Ltd.

Founded In: 2010

Address: Kirmiz Sok No:1/3, Suadiye, Kadikoy, Istanbul, Turkey

Facebook ID: UptimeRobot

Twitter ID: uptimerobot