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Voip.ms offers feature-rich VoIP services including Termination, Organization and PBX services to users across the country. It helps users to optimize their communication with business-class fax, voice, text, mobile apps and texting capabilities. Also, the telephony solutions from Voip.ms don’t require complicated and costly hardware or software. It also allows users to connect any server, software, switch and device as long as it supports IAX2 or SIP.

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15 Alternatives

Top Voip.ms Alternatives

Voip.ms Quick Info

Frequent international business travellers always find it difficult to keep their phone bills in check. Keeping it in check means constantly looking for cheaper ways to communicate even when these ways may not be necessarily reliable. With the VoIP-based calling apps coming to the fore, the reliability has been further highlighted.

Business travellers make important communication on phones and the communication must remain confidential. However, a majority of the supposedly cheap VoIP based features don’t offer security features and the few ones who do, offer it at a hefty premium.

Why VoIP.ms?

VoIP.ms is one of the very few products that offer all the security features and much more at competitive prices. In addition to the standard features like call forwarding, callback and caller ID filtering, it offers some unique features such as call encryption, call hunting and calling queues.

All the calls are encrypted through SIP-Transport Layer Security and Secure Real-time Protocol (SRTP). Feature such as calling queues helps in managing high volumes of incoming calls by placing them in queues whereas call hunting lets users route calls to multiple phones.


VoIP.ms also gives its users complete control over the activities of their accounts. They can select the regions to which they’d like to have an outbound calling access to and even restrict their outbound calls by inserting a duration-based limit.

Another feature that enhances user convenience is number portability. It allows users to switch their existing local, toll-free or fax number to a VoIP.ms account and further use it with a wide selection of options available.

Additional features

Other useful features include unlimited in-network calling, Vanity toll-free numbers, virtual FAX and Inbound Caller ID.  The unlimited in-network calling supports free calling between sub-account internal extensions and any VoIP.ms US48 and Canada local or toll-free number.

The virtual FAX lets users receive documents in PDF format. Additionally, a slew of features related to caller ids such as inbound caller ID, outbound caller ID blocking, and outbound caller ID blocking by call are also offered.

In conclusion, VoIP.ms can be described as a product that is replete with all the features offered at really compelling prices.

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