VTEX is a popular provider of a platform for making e-commerce sites and omnichannel solutions. VTEX was created in 1999 as a Brazilian multinational e-commerce business site. It offers elastic cloud infrastructure to deal with better performance of the e-store and improve customer loyalty, increased conversion rates, etc. This site is supported by top organizations like Motorola, Coca Cola, Samsung, and over 2500 e-stores in various countries.

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VTEX Quick Info

VTEX begins with a basic plan for e-commerce sites. The e-commerce plan has an interactive and exhaustive setup for making an e-store, helping in re-platforming, and improving the conversion rates. It has a frictionless transformation from an old site to the best store framework and themes.

VTEX E-Commerce Overview

The site builder comes with inbuilt tools to improve the overall site performance. VTEX even offers enhanced statistics and analytics to reduce site load time and other SEO interfaces. This includes loyalty programs, sale offers, and improved tracking that helps to improve the conversion rates.

The channels can be viewed in the single panel interface and offer full leverage or control over each item in the order lists. They have a Smart Checkout feature to ease the shopping experience. This includes a password-free or sign up free checkout in various situations. The optimized store framework, React+Node by VTEX, improves the overall performance of the page and has advanced SEO tools. The site builder has a context-driven experience for the customers. This involves clustered content, along with unified commerce and promotion management.

VTEX Site Editor Tools

The site editor of VTEX e-commerce has a WYSIWYG editor, with advanced and simple to use site building tools. The e-stores can be configured to be multi-platform and support several currencies. VTEX uses a distributed order management setup. A single interface allows one to unify several operations of an e-commerce site. All the sales data, orders, pending orders, deliveries, and other scenarios. It has a unified inventory management and catalogs to get real-time product stock information. It is readily usable for B2B, B2C, and such market plans.

It has an open API support for 70+ integrated services and using a multi-tenant SaaS system. The Omnichannel or inStore POC has all the advanced e-store tools. It has main support for the B2B commerce store with advanced segmentation strategies. The single marketplace tool helps to integrate the store and its utilities across other sites and integrations. VTEX is truly a fantastic and reliable solution provider for e-commerce websites.

Company Information

Company Name: VTEX

Founded In: 1999

Twitter ID: vtexonline

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