By: Vultr Holdings LLC.

Vultr is an efficient cloud based service with 100% KVM Virtualization. Customer can open an account with a free trial that allows them to try Vultr cloud servers for free to get familiar. All cloud hosting plans include more RAM and faster cores than many other competitive services. Another great benefit is the same great performance over a standardized platform all over the world. Other features include SSD storage and Intel powered CPUs.

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15 Alternatives

Top Vultr Alternatives

Vultr Quick Info

Vultr is a cloud-based hosting management platform that aims to simplify hosting related infrastructure management for its users. What makes Vultr unique is its best-in-class features like the one-click apps, full resource control, multi-OS compatibility and the option of choosing an hourly billing plan.

In addition to this, the strategically located datacenters of Vultr enable launching a cloud environment from a location that is close to the customers. What further helps make the service more accessible is the advanced networking features that are on offer.

Advanced networking features

The advanced networking feature offers options like direct connect that lets users connect their existing corporate network with the platform. High-performance IP networks, secure private networking and reserved IPs are some of the other options offered under this feature.

The infrastructure-related products offered by Vultr include Cloud Compute, Bare Metal storage, Object storage, Block storage, Dedicated cloud and load balancers. Cloud Compute is offered with two options namely the compute and high frequency compute. The high frequency compute is offered with 3GHz+ processors to ensure fast processing speeds.

Bare metal

Bare metal offers direct access to hardware with no virtual layer in between and a single-tenant environment. Moreover, the bare metal storage can be deployed in seven locations worldwide. In addition to these, the product offers some other features such as high-speed networking with a 10GBe network connection, complete server control and 100% hardware ownership.

The Object storage product offers features such as media storage, automatic backups and custom solutions. It also supports S3 API which makes it easy for users to integrate it with third-party tools.

Block storage

The block storage offers reliable cloud-based storage space that is also SSD-backed. The block storage is built to possess a highly available design so that maximum space utilization can be achieved. Moreover, it can also deliver data at speeds to the tune of 1200MB/sec.

In addition to these options, the platform also offers built-in load balancers that come with features such as automatic health monitoring and automatic failover.

Top Features

Core Features
  • Intel Cores Processors
  • Root Administrator Access
  • Infinite OS combinations
  • Access Powerful API
  • Flexible & Scalable
  • Distributed Design
  • Block Storage
  • Dedicated Resources
  • Localized Peering
  • 10GB Redudant Network
  • Multiple Datacenter Locations
  • Increasing Troubleshooting
  • Uploading ISOs
  • Custom ISO
  • One-click Apps Installer
Control Panel
  • Mobile & Web-based Control
  • Viewing Server Health
  • Viewing Bandwidth Statistics
  • Snapshots Creation
  • Deploy Snapshots

Company Information

Company Name: Vultr Holdings LLC.

Founded In: 2014

Address: 100 Matawan Rd Suite 420, Matawan, NJ, USA

Facebook ID: Vultr

Twitter ID: vultr