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WebFaction is a cloud based web hosting solution designed specifically for developers. Users get a flexible hosting server with thousands of already hosted apps and without the need of managing your own cloud severs. Some additional benefits include faster performance in a RAID-10 setup, bigger disk space, upgradable RAM, preinstalled applications & tools, instant account activation, global server location, free web server, MySql server and PostgreSQL server and many more.

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  • ServerBeach
  • Amazon EC2
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  • ServerMania
  • Ramnode
  • Microsoft Azure VM
  • VPS.net
  • RunAbove
  • Scaleway
  • Atlantic.net


15 Alternatives

Top WebFaction Alternatives

WebFaction Quick Info

WebFaction is a dedicated cloud-based hosting service for developers that allows new and experienced developers alike to backup and host their programs, data, applications, services etc. to high performance 24/7 servers outfitted with the latest hardware to ensure that you the customer do not face any setbacks.

Services and Experiences Provided

WebFaction makes sure that their clients don’t face any trouble by providing high-quality servers running on the latest and fastest hardware with world-class datacenters connected by fast, reliable networking. All the servers come preconfigured with a personalized configuration of CentOS 7 and are managed and continuously monitored to ensure their performance and security with regular patches and updates to the hardware and software along with the latest versions of common tools like Python, Ruby, Node.js etc. Customers are also given full root access to their dedicated servers along with the option to install tools in the home directory.

The services provided by WebFaction have been streamlined for the best possible user experience.  They have servers located in several locations and provide one-click installers for many important applications like WordPress Django and many more on their servers and ensure that the apps run without any problems or compatibility issues. All accounts also come with secure POP, IMAP, SMTP etc. for their email hosting service and SQL database hosting. Their user control panel is easy to utilize and allows you to access your emails, database and DNS records with ease.

Customer Support Service

WebFaction provides its clients with a well trained and knowledgeable support team that is always available 24/7 and will usually reply within a few minutes to resolve any problems or issues you might be facing. They also provide a free trial and an outstanding 60- day moneyback guarantee that ensures that if the client feels like the service is not needed any longer or not for them, they can promptly get a refund.

Top Features

Core Features
  • Intel Processors
  • SSD Storage
  • Fully Managed Server
  • Cloud Server
  • World-class Datacenter
  • One-click Installer
  • Ruby & Python Supported
  • PHP Supported
  • Email Hosting
  • MySQL & PostgreSQL Database
  • DNS Hosting
  • Filtering Email Spam
  • DNS Records
  • Shell Access
  • API Access
  • API Documentation

Company Information

Company Name: Swarma Limited

Founded In: 2011

Address: 207 Regent Street, London, UK

Facebook ID: webfaction

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