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Webnode is a website builder used by more than 30 million users to create eye-catching websites according to official website. The company allows to create website along with form builder, store, membership support and much more. Founded in 2008, the company is based in Switzerland but their Development and Operations are in Czech Republic

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Webnode Quick Info

Webnode is a cloud-based service designed to allow its users to make beautiful websites without the need to code. These websites can be of any type or purpose and can be customized accordingly with the templates available. There are thousands of templates, which can again be modified by the user, ensuring that there are no repetitions. Also, Webnode provides its web hosting services for its websites, which offers high-speed storage, highly secure custom mailboxes and several other features. Users can also use their own registered domain if they want. It also includes some SEO and analytical tools and can integrate with certain marketing tools for advertisement purposes. With all these features, Webnode is a complete package for companies and individuals to scale their business to the next level.

Making a good website is now an easy task

With Webnode, whole businesses can easily be given an online makeover. For this, the first step is to choose from one of the various plans available according to the user’s expectations from the online presence. A web domain may be selected if it is in the plan, and a multi-account mailbox is accompanied with it. If the web domain is not selected, nor is pre-available to the user, the website will be placed in the subdomain of Webnode itself. After this, the actual website creation begins. A certain template is selected for use, and various features like text boxes, texts and images are modified according to the purpose.

Capabilities of the Webnode hosting platform

Webnode can be a huge improvement over several other hosting platforms owing to its features. While other hosting platforms regularly interrupt their services due to weather, maintenance and sometimes, undisclosed events, Webnode ensures that there are no downtimes at all. It also incorporates the latest and the most reliable technologies in the market into its hosting system, in every server maintenance procedures. Also, the websites are very responsive due to a fast storage and a reliable memory management system. Regular backups ensure that the website can always be reverted to its original state in case of emergencies.

Company Information

Company Name: Webnode AG

Founded In: 2008