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Webtrends is a digital analytics tool that you can use on your website, which allows you to monitor your website performance and visitors’ behaviors. Webtrends consists of four main components which you can use in different platforms: web analytics, mobile analytics, social analytics, and SharePoint analytics. It features unlimited data collection, multi-platform monitoring, custom dashboard, custom reporting, and custom metrics. The service is targeted to enterprise users, with no fixed pricing plan available for the service.

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Webtrends Quick Info

This software suite offers a host of tools to help you get more out of SharePoint systems that are being used in your organization. It provides analytics and data management capabilities to enhance the usage of your collaboration systems in an effective manner. 

Analyze your SharePoint

Webtrends for SharePoint is a system that provides analytics for your organization's SharePoint usage and provides insights through which you can accelerate your sales. You can gauge the ROI that SharePoint offers to your organization and improvise to point your progress in the right direction. Content can be analyzed based on traffic, content, engagement that it brings and can be segmented based on the technology used or the user attribute. An unlimited number of analytics dashboards are available to display key metrics, adoption rates, document actions, social, geo maps and more.

Find what you need

Your team can optimize their search effectiveness by getting a quantifiable measure for popular targets that are often required. It senses the navigation preferences automatically and sets up paths to lead to their desired contents directly without following through the entire file system. Reports are generated by user preferences, search patterns, the terminology used and efficiency. These stats can be analytically measured to improve search strategies and get the desired information faster from SharePoint Databases.

Reports generated efficiently

Webtrends can quickly generate reports based on SharePoint statistics which can be exported in the formats of your choice. Many reports are provided out-of-the-box which provide insights into critical information. Custom reports based on various metrics can be aggregated and converted to extensions of your choice to transport. All reports are designed in a way that they are optimized for SharePoint based environments. All the data is available through a REST URL which can instantly transfer data to the database server of your choice.  

Top Features

Core Features
  • Marketing Performance
  • Connnecting Accross Channels
  • Digital Customer Data Integration
  • Analytics Insights
  • Multi-Channel Measurement
  • Metrics and Dimensions
  • Path and Scenario Analysis
  • Data Collection
  • SharePoint Analytics
Mobile Analytics
  • Mobile Marketing Investments
  • Ad-hoc Investigative Analysis
  • Optimize Mobile Campaigns
  • Data Export
Social Analytics
  • Video Engagement
  • Determining Facebook Apps
  • Monitoring Hootsuite

Company Information

Company Name: Webtrends Inc.

Founded In: 1993

Address: 555 SW Oak Street Suite 300, Portland, OR, USA

Facebook ID: webtrends

Twitter ID: webtrends


Ideal For
  • Mid Sized Business
  • Enterprise
Pricing Model
  • Custom Quote
  • Cloud

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