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Whitepages Pro is a consumer contact information and validation platform used by businesses to check and verify the contact details, names, address, phone, etc. of new customers and partners. It is crucial for businesses to have flexible and reliable information to be able to verify new applications, orders, accounts, calls, etc. to minimize risk. Whitepages Pro offers many identity & phone verification solutions, including caller id, call tracking, and more.

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Whitepages Pro

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Whitepages Pro Quick Info

Whitepages is the online directory for the USA, allowing users to run a search upon any person or business to check their legitimacy, criminal records, or any other information they doubt about. It also provides a reverse search option that enables a user to track someone using their phone number or address to verify the legitimate owner of a cell or a business. A search upon other factors such as traffic records, financial records, and property details is possible as well.


Whitepages is a provider of an online directory for the United States of America, which can be used by any organization or person to run a check upon another person or business. This service is most often used for screening tenants or running a background check upon someone new at a workplace. It can also be used to check criminal, traffic, and financial records of an individual so that organizations or users are aware of the right person around them or inside their premises.

Safety over Privacy

Whitepages can provide detailed information about any person known by their name. In case you are wondering how you are going to identify the right person in search, well, Whitepages provides you an option to input any of their known locations you are aware of, and it’ll narrow down the list for you immediately. It can provide you with numerous details like their legal history, their previous addresses, all kinds of records, their licenses, maiden name, and everything under the sun. In case a user doesn’t know the location of person, the search will provide a nationwide result.

Shattering the myths

Came across that business which claims to be highly successful in the services you want to opt for? Get a fact-check on Whitepages, and you’ll immediately get to know the real deal and come across the genuine reviews of their services and their complete background. This search ensures that users opt for the right services and don’t get scammed under numerous fraudulent schemes running at every second block across the street.

Get the real deal

Whitepages also features a reverse search feature that allows a user to track the real or legitimate owner of a cell or a real estate on a particular location. It works by allowing users to input the phone number or the address and then yields the registered owner of the number or property.

Whitepages has been an immensely popular service and rightfully so due to the fast and precise result it provides. No wonder that it has featured in likes of Forbes, NBC, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal. Want to get a good check on someone next time? You know where to look.  

Top Features

  • Streamlined Data
  • Identity Searches
  • Detailed Search Data
  • Checking & Verifying Identity
  • Comprehensive Phone Data
  • Current Address Data
  • Past Address Data
  • Business Data
  • Single Sign-On
  • Browser Plug-ins
  • Enterprise-grade API Access
  • Checking Emails
  • Checking IP Address
  • Contact Score
  • Graph-based Verfication
  • Caller Identification API
  • People Demographics
  • Phone Intelligence
  • Carrier & Line-type Analysis
  • Phone Reputation API
  • Identity Graphs
  • Curated Customer Data
  • Real-time Sources
  • Whitepages Property Data

Company Information

Company Name: WhitePages, Inc.

Founded In: 1997

Address: 1301 5th Ave Suite 1600, Seattle, WA, USA

Twitter ID: whitepagespro