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Offers a complete grammar-checker tool in two different versions: Writer and Anywhere.



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Whitesmoke is one of the world’s leading proofreaders and English mistake corrector software for desktop, web and mobile devices. It makes the use of grammar check tools that improvises the user experience and increases knowledge. It is a natural language processor that develops an online writing tool, using artificial intelligence and algorithms to evaluate the writings and provide the best solutions and alternatives to the mistakes made in the article or phrases.


The company also receive custom made apps that are attached to their specific business requirements to support them to enhance their everyday correspondences and to showcase a more professional image in the respective markets. Overall, it helps to achieve perfection in English writing and avoid the errors with repeated use.


Premium desktop software


Premium desktop software is an operating system that allows the desktop environment to run smoothly and effectively. Additionally, it involves many functions for remote access software including desktop control combined with the ability to offer remote installation and updates. It consists of web-based solutions provider for the English correction in the market, which integrates with word processing programs with highly advanced checking and assured academic professional writings to eliminate the mistakes or errors in the given write-ups.


Web-based corrections


Web-based corrections involve corrections with the most comprehensive dictionary definitions and advanced level of grammar checkups by the sources of the web. It is a form of correctional supervision to determine the mistakes. Whitesmoke offers the use of all core features including this of grammar checking algorithms by implying logging in and rectifying the underlined words and phrases.


Mobile application


It is most commonly referred to as application software designed to operate a mobile device like smartphones, tablets, laptops, computers, etc. It aims to provide its users a convenient way to access the desired applications from anywhere and anytime and write error-free write-ups in text messages, Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, and other apps as well. Whitesmoke effectively scans the documents or phrases for common grammatical mistakes and highlights the errors to rectify them. It helps you to write mistake-free and with ease in any application on the respective devices.

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