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WhoEasy is a reverse phone lookup platform that allows you to find the information about name and location based on the phone number that you have entered. It allows you to find who owns a certain phone number, as long as it is a valid phone number in the United States. It works with both landline and cell phone numbers. WhoEasy's main purpose is to help you answer the question about ìWhose number is it?î and gives you the detailed information about the person who owns the number.

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Who Easy

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Who Easy Quick Info

WhoEasy is a Lookup service located in Las Vegas, USA, that helps in finding real info about a person, business, or phone number. Founded in 2014, there isn’t much info about how they obtained the data on a person’s identity, which makes them a bit skeptical. However, they still provide decent information about any US citizen and their public records. Most of their services are used for telephone lookup only. Other services like People and Business Lookup work better with phone lookup only.

WhoEasy Phone Lookup Service

WhoEasy has an old school interface, where we can review a person’s data via his phone number. The first step in using WhoEasy is to input the phone number in their search field. After that, it redirects to the data page, where all the information about that number is seen. The free check barely offers any information except for the location.

In the premium plans, it begins from a basic single phone report at $2.95. It won’t offer any other advanced reports, however. Things like owner name, current location, address, etc. are hidden in the free plans. The next plans are based on monthly subscriptions. At $19.95 plan, it offers up to 20 searches with more details and ID information. For $26.95, the number increase to 30 searches.

There is also a Phone Directory by WhoEasy. In this directory, you can look into 80+ area codes. Once you select an area code, WhoEasy redirects to location info about the state, major and minor cities, time-zone, archive date, and map location. In the table below, it has columns for a region, city/state, carrier, and starting date too. Further clicking on these results will narrow down the search data. You can also see the list of a number recently searched for with that area prefix.

It also offers a Non-Sharing feature where one can protect their personal information. This includes removing phone numbers and other personal information like emails. You can fill the required forms, and it will remove that info. However, WhoEasy is a bit rough when it comes to customer support, which can be viewed from multiple online reviews. But still, it is a swift service for getting legit information about any person in the USA.

Top Features

  • Quick Searching
  • Reverse Phone Lookup
  • Free Search
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Huge Data Access

Company Information

Company Name: R E Y A LLC