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Provides a simple VPN software and comprehensive protection for your web browsing activity. Offers additional features such as firewall, P2P, ad blocking, and OpenVPN configuration.

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Windscribe Quick Info

Good: Allows you to browse the web privately, with the additional firewall and ad blocker features. Offers a comprehensive privacy protection with desktop software and browser combo.

Things to Improve: Only allows 10GB/month for the free version. The number of servers is still limited when compared to other services.


Windscribe is a free VPN software created and developed by Windscribe Limited, a software company founded in 2016. The focus of the company is to create and develop software solutions that help the users to circumvent internet censorship. The vision of the company is to make internet freedom the reality that many people can enjoy without any limitations or restrictions.

Browse The Internet Privately Without Any Tracker

With Windscribe, you can freely browse the internet without having to worry that your activity or your personal information is not safe. Sometimes, your ISP or government may record your browsing data due to security or other reasons. With this VPN software, you can be sure that your browsing activity is done privately without any trace left. This is because this software wipes any types of tracker from your computer, and allows you to browse the internet without being spied by any third-parties. It’s the same with the websites that you visit. They cannot track your activities on the internet to give you the relevant types of ads on your visited websites.

Unblock Any Geo-restricted Content

Most content providers nowadays apply something called Geo-restriction. It is like a kind of region protection system applied in the media distribution, such as DVD, Blu-ray, video games, and so on. Content providers may only allow the users from certain locations to access their content, or even access their websites. This is why you might not be able to access certain websites that belong to the US region if you are not from the US. The good news is that this VPN provider can help to unblock any Geo-restricted content on the internet, so that you can access any website from any region without any censorship. If you want, you can also watch videos or get the content that is only distributed to certain regions with this software.

Provide More Than The Basic VPN Protection

The basic VPN protection provided by most VPN services usually includes secure data transfer, personal information protection, and hidden real location. However, Windscribe provides much more than that. This is primarily because the software is not only offered as a desktop software, but it is also offered as a browser extension. Both software works together beautifully to provide even stronger and more powerful privacy protection while you browse the internet. With this VPN service, you can easily double your internet security, not to mention that you get other useful features as well, such as firewall and ad blocker.

Eliminate Any Browsing History

By using this VPN service, you don’t need to worry about something called browsing history. Yes, it’s the kind of browsing activity log that you can easily see on your browser during your regular browsing activity. It gives you the information about the websites that you have visited in the past, and this information can easily be seen by your ISP or government. With this VPN software, you can safely say goodbye to your browsing history, since nobody else can see the websites that you have been visiting for the past week or month. It encrypts all your browsing activity and DNS information.

Prevent Any Personal Information From Being Leaked

When you connect to the internet from various public places, you risk your information from being stolen by irresponsible third-parties. It can be hackers, or it can be the Wi-Fi hotspot provider. This is because your internet traffic is not secured, which is why they can see your information quite easily. With Windscribe, you can be assured that your personal information is safe all the time. With this VPN software, you can easily encrypt the unsecured connections from the public places, so that your internet traffic is fully protected from hackers or any other third-parties. It also helps you to block annoying ads from advertisers that are displayed on the websites that you visit.


With Windscribe, all of your internet activity is guaranteed to be safe and secure. You can browse any website that you want without any restriction. You can also ensure that your personal information is safe all the time. Moreover, you can block annoying ads from the websites that you visit. With the combination of desktop software and browser extension, you get the double protection in your browsing activity, and it can give you more comfort and convenience in enjoying your browsing sessions. All in all, if you want a VPN connection that offers more than just some basic VPN protection features, this is the right software for you.

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