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xt:Commerce is an e-commerce software that helps you build your online shop. You have various tools at your disposal to help with designing, managing and maintaining your online shop. It is compatible on all devices. It is optimized for SEO which makes it much easier to find for the customers looking to buy products/ services similar to what you’re offering.

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xt:Commerce Quick Info

xt:Commerce is an e-commerce software that helps you build your online shop all by yourself. The software is equipped with the capabilities to help you with designing, managing and maintaining your online shop. It is compatible with devices such as tablets, phones, and desktops. It provides you tools to manage your order and inventory, media and content and much more.

Targeted customer groups

Irrespective of whether your shop caters as a B2B or a B2C you can handle your clients using customer groups. By looking at your customers’ buying patterns like types of products, the price range they shop in, etc. you can segregate them into different groups. This way your campaigns and promotions can be more targeted, increasing the chances of customers buying your products. You can reward customer groups with special discount vouchers. This will not only cement your store in their mind but also encourage them to recommend it to others.

Built-in features for Brand expansion

You can expand your reach by using a plugin to enlist your products on other sites like eBay, Amazon, etc. It will help you provide more value with an easier price and product feature comparison. You can also set up any number of shops based on the target audience, region and exclusive brands with minimal effort. Once your shop has a lot of orders coming in, it becomes difficult to keep track of the inventory without a proper system in place. You can keep track of your product quantities and time taken to deliver. From this, you can learn when you need to re-stock and improve customer satisfaction by providing quicker deliveries.

Stay ahead by using the right tools

Make it easier for the customers to find your shop. By using relevant keywords to describe products, latest technology, and SEO you can optimize your website for search engines. This will increase the traffic to your website. For a potential buyer trust in the product increases when they can see written feedback from other users. It helps them determine the usefulness and the working condition of the product which increases their affinity to buy. You can also recommend products based on browsing history or by studying the buying pattern of a similar user.

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