Yet Another Mail Merge

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Yet Another Mail Merge as the name suggests, is an email marketing software that has been helping companies and organizations in making their ad campaigns successful. They have been assisting the companies in sending customized business emails to the users since its inception in 2015. Several multinational companies like Airbnb, Veolia, Uber, etc. have used their services.

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Yet Another Mail Merge

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Yet Another Mail Merge Quick Info

With the digitalization of the modern world, online market campaigns have played a significant role in attracting customers. From small start-ups to megacorps, every firm has adopted the online platform as a future alternative of marketing and promotion. Online Advertisements help in reaching out to international users across the globe but to carry out effectively is an arduous and time-consuming job. With Yet Another Mail Merge, you can quickly put up your ads on the internet and promote your products via email in every corner of the world.

How does it work?

With Yet Another Mail Merge (YAMM), you can create emails and send them to all your customers quite easily. It can deliver 50 emails per day, and you can even increase the quota at a nominal price. The users also have the option to create emails via Gmail and Google Drive. It sends emails in bulk with just a click instead of sending them one at a time which eventually reduces your workload. It enlists the names of all the recipients, which might be helpful while sending messages to them again in the future.

Keeping track of your emails

Making sure that the users regularly read your emails is very important for a campaign to become successful in its motive. For providing better services, you have to be active in responding to all the queries related to your ads and products. YAMM makes it simpler by keeping an eye on all your emails so that you can take the necessary actions at the earliest without fail.

Multipurpose use of the software

YAMM is a versatile tool that offers several benefits to your company. It might be useful if you want to issue a notice to all your employees or if you want to inform about your company goals and deadlines. The software also turns out to be helpful while sending greetings and wishes to your friends and loved ones. You can use this software for applying to multiple jobs at once. Invite as many people as you want to your workshops, company seminars by sending personalized invitations using YAMM.

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Founded In: 2015

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