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Zappi Surveys is a popular e-marketing and survey solution offering several products for branding, consumer testing, and other advertising developments. Founded in 2013, Zappi has innovatively worked with many companies with market research, concept testing, Ad testing, and many such services. They arouse quickly with research-based marketing options via multiple products. It has the support of many companies like PepsiCo, Mc Donald’s, Audible, etc.

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Zappi Quick Info

Zappi is equipped with multiple products line for providing several marketing and advertisement needs of a company. They help with product innovations and advertising with these solutions. There are about 15 solutions offered by Zappi to work with. Zappi offers three combined plans, viz., Standard, Premium, and Enterprise, out of which Premium and Enterprise solutions are fully customized as per user needs.

Zappi Marketing Solutions

Zappi Standard plans costs $1895/survey and is made for single users targeting single tests, made to test a marketing idea with current solutions of Zappi quickly. In this plan, they’ve given solutions for innovative and advertising researches. The users can engage with the normative data based on the country, development stage, and category data. It can use random viewers and audiences that are designed to target preset groups. Zappi offers a sleek, user-friendly, fully-featured, and automated panel testing. It also features a crosstabs analysis. The number of customs questions allowed are only two.

Zappi Premium Overview

In the Premium and Enterprise version of Zappi, they have included advanced analytics, more custom questions, and normative databases. It even features user management and team/group access controls. The three main working methods in Zappi are Predict, Monitor, and Determine. In simple terms, it finds out the current ads and ideas and their effectiveness in the market, and also monitor the status in real-time. After this, the stats show which idea or campaign is working the best for the current product.

Zappi uses early concept tools to lead new markets and ideas with preset ideas and data. The Ad Pulse tool offers real-time ad management and instructions on making them more effective. It has a Concept Test allowing us to find the best ideas with detailed feedback. Zappi also provides creative audio, digital, static, product test, and screening tools for many users. It also has Acacia Avenue, prediction markets, rapid resulting, MMR Impact kit, and rank & reach optimizing tools. Zappi can work with any of the above tools in the custom packaging and deliver extensive marketing and advertisement campaigns.

Company Information

Company Name: Zappistore

Founded In: 2013

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