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ZenMate is a VPN solution that allows you to protect your online activities by simply installing a ZenMate plugin to your browser. It allows you to hide your real location, access restricted websites, encrypt your browser traffic, protect your privacy online, and browse the internet with full speed. There are free and premium plans available.

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ZenMate Quick Info

Any internet user who is aware of the growing problems due to online trackers and hackers will understand how important it is to get a good VPN solution, which not only protects the online identity of the user but secures their data as well. With ZenMate, users can experience the true power of a VPN service that truly prevents their privacy from being exposed. As a bonus, they can also access sites and video content t that are not available in their country, allowing them to experience what the internet has to offer to the fullest degree. It is easily usable by all types of internet users and is available in a host of cheap plans to suit the needs of the user.

All streaming worries are eliminated with ZenMate

It is very annoying for anyone to be unable to access what they paid for. This is a common situation in the case of region-locked streaming services. Even some IPTV streaming platforms are also affected by this problem. With ZenMate, however, the viewer can get full access to content from all around the world with zero restrictions. All they need to do is to change their region through the VPN interface. Several applications and streaming platforms are supported, including Netflix, YouTube and IPTV providers like ESPN. The VPN basically bounces the user traffic through a remote server before reaching the streaming site, thus changing the user's location.

Supreme security and innovative ways to protect user identity

ZenMate is designed to be very secure in nature and has various features to prove it. It has more than 70 servers in its employment, all of which are connected by high-speed networks, through which loads of data encrypted by state-of-the-art algorithms travel every second. This data is completely invulnerable, but the connection is just as smooth and fast. Another great security-oriented feature of ZenMate is that the company itself never keeps a record of the data of its users. This makes the user's privacy doubly secure as even in case of a data breach at the company servers, the user's identity will not be compromised.

Top Features

Core Features
  • Website Trackers Prevention
  • Ads Blocker
  • Social Media Protection
  • WiFi Security
  • Access Unrestricted Websites
  • Access Unrestricted Media
  • One-Click Connection
  • Super Fast Encryption
  • Safe & Secure Access
  • Royer Security
  • iOS & Mobile Apps
  • International Quality Assurance
  • Data & Employee Security
  • Anonymous Business Research
  • Secured VoIP Calls
  • Protecting IP Address
  • User Management Dashboard
  • Consolidated Payment
  • Full Server Access
  • Multi-Device Applications

Company Information

Company Name: ZenGuard GmbH

Founded In: 2013

Address: Rudolfstra├če 14 Berlin, Berlin, Germany

Facebook ID: zenmate.io

Twitter ID: ZenMate


Platform Support
  • Browsers
Pricing Model
  • Free Plan
  • Subscription
VPN Options
  • VPN
VPN Protocols
  • OpenVPN

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