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The computer virus is the most common thread in every computer engineer is facing today. These viruses are responsible for a variety of attacks from ID theft of data stealing or damage of computers. More and more viruses are released every day. If your computer is connected to the internet, then the virus is even more serious treat. 

Here are some leading anti-virus software which can help to protect computer from such attacks.


Avira Free Antivirus

By: Avira Operations GmbH & Co. KG From Germany

Founded In: 1986, Web Visibility: 84.75%


Avast Pro Antivirus

By: AVAST Software s.r.o From Czech Republic

Founded In: 1991, Web Visibility: 88.75%


ESET NOD32 Antivirus

By: ESET spol. s r.o. From USA

Founded In: 1998, Web Visibility: 87.25%


Trend Micro Antivirus

By: Trend Micro Incorporated From Japan

Founded In: 1988, Web Visibility: 79.25%



By: Bitdefender From Romania

Founded In: 2001, Web Visibility: 83.25%


F-Secure Anti-Virus

By: F-Secure Corporation From Finland

Founded In: 1988, Web Visibility: 78.25%


BullGuard Antivirus

By: BullGuard Limited From UK

Founded In: 2002, Web Visibility: 68.00%



By: Webroot Inc. From USA

Founded In: 1997, Web Visibility: 73.75%


Panda Antivirus

By: Panda Security S.L. From Spain

Founded In: 1990, Web Visibility: 77.50%


eScan Antivirus

By: MicroWorld Technologies Inc From India

Founded In: 1993, Web Visibility: 57.63%


AVG AntiVirus FREE

By: AVG Technologies CZ, s.r.o. From Czech Republic

Founded In: 1991, Web Visibility: 91.50%


Norton Security

By: Symantec Corporation From USA

Founded In: 1982, Web Visibility: 84.75%


McAfee AntiVirus Plus

By: McAfee, Inc. From USA

Founded In: 1987, Web Visibility: 80.38%


Kaspersky Anti-Virus

By: Kaspersky Lab ZAO From Russian Federation

Founded In: 1997, Web Visibility: 88.75%


Microsoft Security Essentials

By: Microsoft Corporation From USA

Founded In: 1975, Web Visibility: 87.38%


ZoneAlarm Antivirus

By: Zone Labs, L.L.C From USA

Web Visibility: 69.88%


Quick Heal Antivirus Pro

By: Quick Heal Technologies (P) Ltd. From India

Founded In: 1993, Web Visibility: 65.63%


Ad-Aware Antivirus

By: Lavasoft Ltd From Canada

Founded In: 1999, Web Visibility: 68.13%



By: Comodo Security Solutions, Inc. From USA

Founded In: 1998, Web Visibility: 71.25%


VIPRE Antivirus

By: ThreatTrack Security, Inc. From USA

Founded In: 2008, Web Visibility: 44.63%


K7 Anti-Virus Premium

By: K7 Computing Pvt Ltd. From India

Founded In: 1991, Web Visibility: 43.82%



By: Canimaan Software Ltd

Web Visibility: 33.25%



By: Fortinet, Inc From USA

Founded In: 2000, Web Visibility: 53.50%


Norman Antivirus

By: Norman Safeground AS From Norway

Web Visibility: 48.38%



By: Webroot Inc.

Web Visibility: 32.92%



By: VirusTotal

Founded In: 2004,



By: Adguard

Founded In: 2009,


Qihoo 360

By: Qihoo 360

Founded In: 2005,



By: Safer-Networking



By: Enigma Software Group USA



By: Net Protector Antivirus

Founded In: 2002,

Antivirus Software Buying Guide

Every day, new viruses and malware are infecting millions of devices worldwide. These malicious software were created with various purposes, such as slowing down your system, damaging your drive, stealing your files, cracking your sensitive information, and so on. If your device is unprotected, it will be vulnerable to many malicious threats out there, especially when you connect your device to the internet. These malicious threats can send data back to their host and even let hackers to gain full control of your device. So, it is important for you to always protect your device from these threats. This  is where antivirus software become necessary.

In order to pick the right antivirus software for you, there are some tips that you should follow:

1. How Many Devices Do You Need to Protect?

Most antivirus software only offer protection for one device that you have. If you want to protect more devices, you have to pay more for the additional licenses. Also, some antivirus software don't offer protection for your mobile devices. They are made exclusively for PC or Windows platform. However, some antivirus protection may offer protection for unlimited devices just with one license. Also, there are some antivirus software that offer protection for mobile devices as well, and you don't need to pay an additional price for it. So, if you want to know what antivirus software that you need to get, you have to know how many devices that you need to protect. Then, choose the antivirus software that offers protection for all of your devices.

2. Antivirus Protection System

What is the technology used for the antivirus protection system? The effectiveness of the antivirus software to protect your devices depends on the technology used in their protection system. The better the security technology, the better it protects your device. For instance, some antivirus software offer an advanced malware protection to protect your devices from hacker attacks, whereas some others offer a sandbox system to allow you to test a new software in a sandbox environment. Some antivirus software also offer silent protection that protects your device silently in the background, while connecting to the cloud to get the most updated virus definitions. Choose the antivirus software that offers the best antivirus protection system for your device.

3. Additional Features

Most antivirus software offer additional features that will help to optimize your device for a better performance. Some of these features include drive checker, registry cleaner, gamer mode, drive defragmenter, and more. Whereas these features may not be related directly with your device security, these features can really help you to keep your PC performance in the most excellent condition. Also, these features are good for you to save some money. You don't need to spend more money to buy other software that offer these additional features. You just need to pay it along with your antivirus security software.

4. Antivirus Performance

Now, the last thing to do is to take a look at the antivirus performance. Some antivirus can really clog your device and make it very slow. This is something that you don't want to deal with. When the antivirus software makes your PC performance really slow, it can affect the work that you are doing with your device. It can also affect the performance of other software within your device. Thus, it defeats the purpose of installing antivirus software in the first place. You want to install a protection system so that you can use your device smoothly, while knowing that your device is protected all the time. So, you should pick the antivirus software that doesn't give any performance problem with your device.


Picking the right antivirus software for your device is important because you need to make sure that the software can protect your system while keeping your system smooth in performance. First, you have to know how many devices that you need to protect and choose the software that allows you to protect all your devices. Second, you have to choose the software that offers an excellent antivirus protection system for your device. Third, it is better for you to choose the software that offers additional features for you. And fourth, you should avoid using antivirus software that slows down your device as you use it.

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