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If you are looking forward to starting your own business or Limited Liability Company (LLC), an online company registration service or agent can help you with that. Business incorporation process involves various legal steps including, business name registration, filing, taxation, etc. and a legally authorized company or agent can better take care of such things for you. Incorporation Services help you with the formation of your business and later, with other legal matters. If you are looking for an incorporation agent or service, you may find some help here.

Here is the list of some of the most popular company formation Services.



LegalZoom offers legal and personal help for all kinds of small and big businesses and corporations in many countries. Some of the business services offered...

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The Company Corporation

The Company Corporation deals in LLC & incorporation matters of a business. Whether it is a small or a big business or someone wants to...

By: The Company Corporation®



RocketLawyer specializes in business incorporation and legalization services. If someone is going to start a new business and need help with any legal matter, RocketLawyer...

By: Rocket Lawyer Incorporated



BizFillings online incorporation services are there to help people with all their business and legal support needs. Starting a business is now much easier with...

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Harvard Business Services

Harvard Business Services deals in the formation of new businesses or limited liability company (LLC). If a person wants to start a new business and...

By: Harvard Business Services, Inc.



MyCorporation handles various business services including LLC incorporation, startup filing services, trademarks & copyright and other legal services for you. With MyCorporation, your business incorporation...

By: My Corporation Business Services, Inc.


My USA Corporation

My USA Corporation handles the LLC incorporation task on your behalf. If you want to start a business in the USA, you can take help...



My New Company

Starting a company was never as easy it has been made by My New Company that handles the business or LLC incorporation and filing processes...

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Incorp business services and agents can help you with the process of formation and incorporation of your new business or Limited Liability Company (LLC). They...

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USA Corporate Services

USA Corporate Services is legal incorporation agency handling the establishment of new businesses in various states of the USA. The process of LLC incorporation involves...

By: USA Corporate Services Inc



Whether you want to incorporate your own LLC or want legal help with your business, Corpnet is always there for you. Corpnet incorporation service handles...

By: CorpNet, Incorporated.



MYLLC business incorporation package includes various features and services such as entity formation, registration, dissolution/withdrawals, LLC formation, certificates of good standing, improvements, free name checks,...

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Companies Incorporated

Companies Incorporated has been providing incorporation services and guidance to people for past many years. Whether you are confused about your incorporation or want to...

By: Companies Incorporated.


INC. Plan

INC. Plan is a business firm licensed to incorporate new businesses in all 50 states of the USA. INC. Plan helps beginners and professionals in...

By: Inc Plan USA



Maxfillings handles your business paperwork and filings on your behalf. Maxfillings incorporation service is a boon for people, who are looking forward to forming their...

By: MaxFilings, Inc.



IncParadise is an ideal destination if you require company registration service for quick company registration. You can register various types of companies including private limited...

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DoMyLLC’s Registered Agent Services are a must try for any entrepreneur. They can act as a very reliable front when it comes to receiving legal...


Imagine starting a new business on your own and defaulting on a business loan or being sued by a client. Instead of being excited to start a new business, you will face difficulties as your personal assets could be taken away for fulfilling business expenses. However, if you incorporate your business, this nightmare can stay far away from you, as it alleviates personal liability as well as guards you as the corporate owner.

Moreover, in case of a new small business, it is not that highly affordable to hire a famous and reliable accountant or an attorney for finishing all paperwork and tax filings essential for incorporation. However, a reliable and service-oriented incorporation service will take care of these services as well, without triggering the fearful effect of accounting and legal jargon.

In short, it makes incorporation a hassle-free affair. While it is beneficial to have several online incorporation services for guiding through the process and registration with state, it is a bit challenging to choose the most suitable one. This is because of different services and plans each of them tend to offer online.

The best service is the one that goes beyond only informing what is required and what to do. It will certainly inform how to do through its diverse resources as well as in-depth, systematic instructions. Apart from that, do check out for the following features/factors and map them to your requirements to make the best choice.

Type of Incorporations Supported

You may choose to incorporate as a Limited Liability (LLC), non-profit, Professional Corporation (PC), Limited Partnership (LP), or C or S business firm. After you decide the type of corporation for registration, check out which online services are supporting that type of incorporation. Keep in mind that not all such sites are equal, as many tend to have more comprehensive service list than what others have.

Guidance for the Best Incorporation Type

This is a top feature of a caring incorporation service. There are times when one is unsure about the best type of incorporation. In such a situation, a good online service will always assist in deciding whether to start an LLC, LLP, LP, PC, or S or C corporation or even go with sole proprietor option.

Full Process Assistance

This feature is essential to make the incorporation and filing process quick and easy. Therefore, check whether a particular online service provider only tells which forms to file and where to register, or actually helps and guides through each step of the processes as well. Further, see whether the state filing price is included or not.  

Assortment of Services and Freebies

As said, no online service is identical and one of the bases on which each of them falls separate is the number of services on offer. While a few online services might restrict themselves to offer only filing and registering processes, some may also extend their assistance to offer tax, legal consulting, and dispute resolution processes.

A handful of them might also offer business maintenance solutions. Other useful services on offer can be registered agent services, corporate kits, affiliate links, logo and Web design services, legal forms, and corporate kits.

Most online incorporation services also offer a myriad of free services such as initial business consultation, online bookkeeping, and management tools. You need to choose the one that offers all the services you wish to have.

Jurisdiction Options

Many company registration firms offer more than one state and some time even more than one country to choose from. These kind of options are especially good for those who have online businesses. Different states or countries have different business incorporation policies, By selecting right jurisdictions, a business owner can often save money by incorporation renewal fees, unnecessary formalities or requirements and even direct taxes on the net income.

Certain jurisdictions also has very friendly laws to incorporate company and may require minimum documents and time period to complete company registration. If a business owner has multiple choice to select jurisdiction, then that's always an advantage.

Bank Account & Registered Agents

When you start doing business, you may need a bank account with your company's name. Some Incorporation packages comes which assistance to open bank account when you hire them to incorporate business. This can be a huge time saver as well.

Often certain states and countries require to business owner have a registered agent or board of director from starting of the company. These incorporation services offers their registered agents for fixed annual fees.

Virtual Offices

Virtual offices are usually office addresses for your business without any physical resource or setup. These services usually forward any communication or mail to business owners address. Some incorporation services offers virtual office address as a part of their package or as an addon so you can get a shiny new address for your business.

This option can be really good if you don't want to start doing businesses without spending heavy fees in renting an office until you settle down and start making enough profits.

Comprehensive Learning Resources

An ideal online service provider is the one who offers a comprehensive portal of informational articles on different types of incorporations and their related registering and filing processes. It also offers information about the incorporation guidelines for different states. Links to the state agencies and other institutions can also help.

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