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Communication and collaboration play an important role in streamlining business processes and cutting of slack. Today, teams in most organizations, whether located remotely or in-house, choose to communicate and collaborate online for ease of setup, flexibility, and speed of execution. Below are mentioned some Email Server Softwares, that facilitate email communication while supporting organizational sharing of resources:


Microsoft Exchange Server

Microsoft Exchange is a collaborative server that helps streamline business communications facilitating emails, and calendar settings on most mediums. It is flexible, scalable, and equipped...

By: Microsoft Corporation


Zimbra Collaboration

Zimbra Collaboration is an open source unified collaboration platform facilitating email communications along with shared-calendaring and tasks. Users can deploy the solution on their private...

By: Zimbra, Inc.



SmarterMail is a scalable server facilitating email communications, live chat, and collaboration between multiple users. It has an intuitive web interface, supporting private, secure, and...

By: SmarterTools Inc.



Postfix is a mail server distributed as a ready-to-run code by operating system vendors, appliance vendors, and other providers. It is fast, user-friendly, and secure....




iRedMail is an email server solution on open source platform, available from Linux/BSD distribution vendors. Its higher version allows for unlimited accounts with comprehensive web-based...

By: iRedMail Project


Kerio Connect

Kerio Connect is an email server that facilitates collaboration between users for email, contacts, calendars and task management. It can be deployed on cloud, so...

By: Kerio Technologies Inc.



hMailServer is an open source email server, used by internet service providers, companies, governments, and such multiple entities. All of its parts can be easily...




MailEnable is a mail server software that provides messaging and collaboration. It can connect to other user’s shared resources such as contacts and calendars for...

By: MailEnable Pty. Ltd.



MDaemon Messaging Server provides messaging solution to small and medium sized businesses. It is available in multiple languages and supports mailing lists, content filtering, and...

By: Alt-N Technologies



Zarafa provides enhanced communication and sharing tools with inbox through WebApp solution. It facilitates advanced delegation and rules management. The calendar can be shared between...

By: Zarafa BV



IceWarp is a Business Mail Server and Collaboration Solution available with cloud or on-premise deployment. It facilitates real-time communication through chat, emails, video calls, or...

By: IceWarp Ltd.



Axigen is a business mail server for email communications and collaboration. It supports collaboration by facilitating sharing of calendars, contacts, appointments and tasks. Delegation of...

By: Axigen Messaging SRL



Xeams is eXtended Email and Messaging Server facilitating email communications through three modes: stand alone server, spam firewall, and hybrid mode. It supports n number...

By: Synametrics Technologies, Inc.


NetWin SurgeMail

SurgeMail is scalable and secure carrier class internet mail server. It uses fast browser based administration tools and includes user and domain self-administration. It provides...

By: Netwin Ltd.


EVO Mail Server

EVO is an on-premise mail server used for business communications through email. It provides the user an ability to scale the server as per the...

By: Prosperwave CO., LTD.


Ipswitch IMail Server

IMail Server is windows-based email server, focused on facilitation email communications for small and medium sized businesses. Users can receive email using standards-based client, or...

By: Ipswitch, Inc.



SophiMail is a feature-rich business email server with calendars and contacts, supporting all popular email clients: Apple, Outook, Thunderbird and many others.). SophiMail is reliable,...

By: Averway Ltd

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