Enterprise Search Platforms

If an organization needs helps in terms of improved decision making, higher productivity, better communication, web based revenue, lower call center costs and regulatory compliance, then an enterprise search platform is the right direction. An enterprise search service can help companies in searching for information on multi channels for getting the most relevant search results and problem solving. 

Here is a list of sites for you to choose from and avail excellent enterprise search services.


Google Search Appliance

Google Search Appliance is a device that provides document indexing services to organizations. It helps companies to unlock their data with the relevance and power...

By: Google Inc.


Oracle Secure Enterprise Search

The Secure Enterprise Search from Oracle enables users to perform easy-to-use, secure search all the information assets of organizations. It lets users to search through...

By: Oracle Corporation



Elasticsearch offers expertise in various areas like discovery, availability, continuity, platform health checks, capacity planning and performance assessment to organizations. It lets businesses to design...

By: Elasticsearch BV


Lexmark Search

The enterprise search services by Lexmark Search & Analytics allow users for finding, analyzing and using accurate content wherever they are. With this service, users...

By: Lexmark International, Inc.


Exalead CloudView

CloudView integrates with technologies in a flawless manner for enabling clients for structuring content. It brings new accessibility to the data on machines. CloudView helps...

By: Dassault Systèmes S.A.



DataStax provides organizations the ability for quickly searching and finding information through their mobile as well as web applications. The built-in search functionality of DataStax...

By: DataStax, Inc.



Sphinx has been helping companies to migrate to an affordable search engine and get started on the same. It also provides organizations with migration and...

By: Sphinx Technologies Inc.



Datafari is our Enterprise Search Solution, available as open source. Also called an Insights Engine, it allows to securely index heterogeneous documents from various data...



Lucidworks Fusion

Lucidworks Fusion provides organization with high capabilities for designing, developing and deploying powerful search applications at any level. It works as an extension for organizations’...

By: Lucidworks, Inc.



DatAnswers helps organizations in getting the most out of their data with search results that are relevant and providing people with the right data. It...

By: Varonis Systems



Funnelback helps organizations with powerful, fast and smart search through its enterprise search services. It is a platform which can solve data issues right from...

By: Funnelback Pty Ltd



Coveo's enterprise search services help companies to connect their employees with expertise and information they require to be effective, proficient and productive. It also assists...

By: Coveo Solutions Inc.



SearchBlox offers agile and fast enterprise search services to organizations for meeting their custom needs. It helps users in creating collection that will crawl on...

By: SearchBlox Software, Inc.



Xendo provides companies with excellent enterprise search services with which companies can search anything ranging from simple emails to complicated tasks just with a couple...

By: Xendo, Inc.



The existing analytics and systems in an organization can be empowered by Cogito, as it can understand context within structured as well as unstructured text....

By: Expert System S.p.A.



The search services provided by dtSearch let users to search huge amounts on text across intranet sites, internet, desktop or network. DtSearch also serves as...

By: dtSearch Corp.



Norconex is one of the leading enterprise search solutions providers that offer several sorts of customized and diverse implementation. It helps companies that are looking...

By: Norconex Inc.


Q-Sensei Fuse

Fuse is a multidimensional data organization that enables flexibility and power in analysis and search for enterprises. Fuse allows companies to have direct and complete...

By: Q-Sensei Corp.



Thunderstone offers automated categorization, comprehensive intelligence, online store fronts, classifieds, data mining, classifieds, help desk and many other services to public, military, government and private...

By: Thunderstone Software LLC



Searchdaimon offers search engine services to enterprises and websites. The enterprise search from Searchdaimon provides companies and websites with information retrieval services. It has a...

By: Searchdaimon AS.



The Enterprise Search from Sinequa is a flexible search platform for analytics & search in diverse and large data sets. It offers organizations the access...

By: Sinequa SAS



The Exterro Fusion Platform can unify the Information Governance and E-Discovery solutions by Exterro to give organizations the ability for easily adding new applications as...

By: Exterro, Inc.

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