Exit Intent Popup Apps

Exit intent popup apps are aimed at handling abandoning visitors of a website. Users may not find the information they were looking for as soon as they come to your website, but that doesn’t mean that the information is not there.  Exit intent popups are there to help your website visitors find the information they need and provide them with more options such as, subscription, help desk, chat, surveys, etc. The sole aim is to reduce the bounce rate of the website and convert visitors into customers.

There are available hundreds of exit intent popup apps and tools and here, we have described some of the most used ones.



OptinMonster is an exit intent tool designed to convert abandoning website visitors into subscribers by showing them relevant subscriptions forms and pop ups. OptinMonster exit...

By: Retyp, LLC



GetSiteControl is a visitor engagement tool designed to manage abandoning visitors of e-commerce websites, blogs, agencies, and more. It features various surveys, forms, popups, promos,...

By: GetWebCraft Limited


Bounce Exchange

Bounce Exchange is an exit intent platform designed to convert bouncing visitors into something more valuable for the website, like customers. It is a behavioral...

By: Bounce Exchange, Inc.



OptiMonk exit intent popup app is aimed at recovering lost visitors of websites to increase conversion rates. It is a powerful onsite retargeting platform that...

By: WebShop Marketing Kft.



Agile CRM is an online exit intent platform that helps businesses convert their abandoning visitors into happy customers with offers, personalized messages, deals, better content...

By: Agile CRM Inc.



MailMunch exit intent technology is used to serve website visitors with lead capture forms and popups with the aim of converting them into regular visitors,...

By: SixMix LLC



Picreel is conversion optimization software based on exit intent technology. It is designed to recover and keep abandoning visitors by showing them relevant information, offers...

By: Picreel Inc.


PopUp Domination

PopUp Domination is an exit intent application used to convert website visitors into email subscribers by showing them beautiful, user-friendly subscription light box popups. The...




Icegram is a visitor engagement and retention tool used to capture leads and convert visitors into customers. It shows relevant and informational messages, offers, forms,...

By: Leap Ventures LLP



Privy exit intent popup app is used to grow user base and number of subscribers by converting website visitors into email subscribers or customers. It...

By: Privy, Inc.


Commerce Science

Commerce Science is an online marketing tool that helps businesses to target their website visitors with personalized messages and real-time offers. It uses exit intent...

By: Commerce Sciences, Ltd.



ExitIntel is an exit intent tool that is designed to increase user engagement and website revenue, decrease shopping cart abandonment and website bounce rate by...

By: Exit Intel, LLC


Exit Monitor

Exit Monitor is designed to help online businesses and eCommece websites transform their abandoning visitors into customers and sales. The online web based app allows...

By: Exit Monitor, LLC



Sleeknote helps websites create beautiful and personalized opt-in forms for their visitors to convert abandoning visitors into email subscribers. Sleeknote Supports many widget types with...

By: Sleeknote ApS



Rooster is a conversion optimization tool that helps you convert your abandoning visitors into sales, subscribers and leads. It works on exit-intent technology that involves...

By: Unbounce Marketing Solutions Inc.



PriceWaiter is an exit intent platform that helps businesses target and convert their bouncing traffic into customers. Most of PriceWaiter widgets are designed to focus...

By: PriceWaiter LLC



MaxTraffic is an online conversion optimization platform that is used to convert website visitors into customers. Its innovative exit intent technology allows you to convert...

By: MaxTraffic Ltd



ExitIntent is based on the exit-intent technology to identify and covert abandoning visitors of a website. It features a set of beautiful customizable templates designed...

By: Inkpedia Technologies Pvt. Ltd.


Zoom Analytics

Zoom Analytics is a conversion optimization tool that shows the right message at the right time for retention of website visitors. It supports several messages...

By: Zoom Analytics Ltd


Exit Mist

Exit Mist is an exit-intent popup tool that can turn abandoning website visitors into paying customers. It comes with an easy-to-manage robust control panel that...

By: Samorastnik d.o.o.


Exit Bee

Exit Bee exit intent popup tool analyzes the behavior of website visitors to know when a visitor wants to leave without making a purchase. It...

By: ExitBee.com

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