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If you're not a programmer or html savvy, then creating forms for any purpose can be a cumbersome task. Online form builder tools can help to create powerful forms which also offer advanced features such as payment integration, field validation, responsive layouts, different types of form rules and much more. Below is the list of leading form building software available in the market today.



By: Formstack, LLC From USA

Founded In: 2006, Web Visibility: 69.00%



By: 123contactform Srl From Romania

Founded In: 2008, Web Visibility: 66.00%



By: Magnet Brains Software Technology Pvt Ltd From India

Founded In: 2013, Web Visibility: 44.13%



By: WPForms, LLC.

Founded In: 2016,


Gravity Forms

By: Rocketgenius, Inc. From USA

Founded In: 2008, Web Visibility: 58.25%



By: Paperform Pty. Ltd

Founded In: 2017,



By: SurveyMonkey Inc. From USA

Founded In: 2006, Web Visibility: 78.25%


Google Forms

By: Google Inc. From USA

Founded In: 1998, Web Visibility: 90.75%



By: Typeform S.L. From Spain

Founded In: 2012, Web Visibility: 64.75%



By: JotForm Inc. From USA

Founded In: 2006, Web Visibility: 72.63%



By: EmailMeForm™ LLC. From USA

Founded In: 2006, Web Visibility: 60.75%



By: Vroman Systems, Inc. From USA

Founded In: 1998, Web Visibility: 56.75%


Zoho Forms

By: Zoho Corporation Pvt. Ltd. From India

Founded In: 1996, Web Visibility: 75.13%



By: WP Ninjas, LLC.

Web Visibility: 38.19%



By: Strategy11, LLC From USA

Founded In: 2007, Web Visibility: 34.08%


Form Assembly

By: Veer West LLC From USA

Founded In: 2006, Web Visibility: 43.50%



By: Appnitro Software From Indonesia

Founded In: 2006, Web Visibility: 42.25%


Cognito Forms

By: Cognito LLC From USA

Founded In: 2013, Web Visibility: 27.68%



By: Innovero Software Solutions B.V. From Netherlands

Founded In: 2001, Web Visibility: 33.63%



By: nCrafts From India

Web Visibility: 38.38%



By: Logiforms Software, Inc. From Canada

Founded In: 2001, Web Visibility: 33.88%



By: FormLogic Limited

Founded In: 2005, Web Visibility: 36.25%



By: Thoughtbot, Inc From USA

Founded In: 2003, Web Visibility: 17.72%

Online forms are common in any website, and most of the webmasters use online forms to allow their audience to contact them. There are many other uses of online forms, such as to invite your audience to special webinar, accept online payments, conduct online surveys, upload files, and more. Depending on the type of your website, you might use various types of online forms to enhance your interaction with your website visitors. For most business websites, online forms have a more important role.


Business websites use online forms to increase their conversion rate so that they can earn more money from their website. For eCommerce websites, online forms are used to process orders from their customers. Here, you can see the importance of online forms, since it can affect your business either negatively or positively. If you are setting the wrong online form for your website, you might end up not being able to improve your conversion rate with it. However, if you can create the right online form for your business, you can use that form to your benefits.

Why You Need Them?

There are many available online form creation tools that you can choose, and not all of them are good for your business. Some of them charge an expensive price for the features that they offer to you. Some others give various kinds of limitations, which might be disadvantageous for your business in the long run. However, the biggest benefit of online form builders is that you can create any type of form for your website easily and quickly, without the need to spend unnecessary time coding the form for yourself. So, how can you find the best form builder software to choose? Here are some important aspects that you need to take a look.

A One-Time License vs. Monthly Pricing Plan

Some form builder software offers you a one-time license, which allows you to use the form indefinitely by paying only once. But, some others may offer their form builder software with monthly pricing plan, which requires you to pay a monthly fee for the form that you are using. Yet, a handful of them provide a free software for you to use indefinitely. Of course, between each of them, there are differences in features and services. Some software might provide affordable price with limited features, but some others might provide a slightly expensive price with a lot more features. What you need to do is to pick the one according to your need in the long term, and calculate the overall cost of the software. Compare the cost with the potential profit that you might get from the software.

WordPress Plugin vs. Multi-platform

Some form builder software might provide a tool for you to build online forms that can be used only on WordPress-based websites. Some others allow you to create any type of form and embed it in any platform that you want. In choosing the right software for you to use, you have to take a look at the current platform that you are using, and think about whether you need to change your platform later. If you have been using WordPress for years, and you don’t have any intention to switch to another CMS platform, then it might be better for you to use WordPress plugin as your form builder software. Meanwhile, if you are using various platforms for your websites, you should pick the software that allows you to use the online forms in various platforms.

Feature Restriction

Some online form builder tools allow you to use all the features without any restriction, while some others restrict their features only for the most expensive plan. Think about the features that you want to use on your online forms. The form builder software that you choose should provide all the features that you need. The restriction on features may only hinder your progress later, so you have to ensure that you get all the features that you need. Though it might be more expensive, it can provide the best service for your business.


Choosing the best online form builder is not a simple thing to do. But, once you take a look at the important aspects, you can choose the best software to build forms for your website easily. First, you have to determine whether you need to pay the one-time license fee or the monthly payment. It depends on the overall profit that you can get from your investment, so choose carefully. Second, you need to choose whether you want to use WordPress-based form builder or HTML form builder, which depends on the current platform that you are using. And third, you have to choose the software that provides all the necessary features for your business.

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