Looking for a quality audio recording software? Download the latest version of a free open source cross-platform audio editor and recorder software for multi-track recording and editing. The software offers tons of amazing features that make sound editing fun and exciting.

Top Features


  • Mouse wheel Zoom In/out
  • Zoom Toggle Command
  • Vertical Rulers Context Menu
  • Change Keyboard Bindings
  • Dropout Errors Detection
  • Vertical Zoom Changes
  • Extra Menu
  • Theme Tweaks
  • Language Preference Selection
  • Improved Theme Contrasts
  • Half-wave Display Support
  • Nyquist Programming Language
  • Voluntary Product Accessibility Template.


  • Safe And Secure Downloading
  • Quick Security Checklist
  • General Computer Security Instructions
  • Testing Downloaded File Validity.


  • Tutorials
  • Editing And Recording Tips
  • Getting Started Guide
  • New Features
  • Tour Guide
  • Commands And Shortcuts
  • Effect And Generator Index
  • Analyser’s Index.

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