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Clickmeter is a link tracking software that helps in targeting the visitors producing a high conversion rate. Users can monitor their activities and check for broken links, blacklists etc. Users can keep tab on the views, conversions and the clicks at different geographic locations. The reporting tool also provides detailed reports of all the campaigns run and for tracking subscriptions.

Detailed Review


User-friendly, stable, fast, scalable, feature rich, real time reporting, in-depth tracking, third party integrations, comparative analysis


Custom domain requires costly plan


A versatile tool for affiliates, marketers, publishers, and agencies for running a successful marketing campaign


Founded in 2009 as a derivative by an online marketing agency, ClickMeter was actually built as a Web tool to cater to the needs of the ClickMeter agency, which were mainly to count and track the online actions performed for attracting customers. With time, the tool evolved rapidly and is today one of the preferred software solutions for collecting, redirecting, sharing, monitoring, collaborating, and analyzing data showing customer actions.

Now up as a live online link tracking service, ClickMeter is a professional link tracker that monitors and reports anything working on a link such as an e-mail, sales page, Facebook post, and Web pages. It also records clicks of visitors from and inside a site, and offers real-time status along with details such as unique clicks, referring URL, and IP. Through this tool, you can easily have shortened customizable tracking links, measure PPC or banner campaigns, and monitor the performance social media marketing strategies.

Set Up and Interface

All you have to do is select the right plan and create an online account, to get started. Once you login, you will be taken to a neat and simple interface. The neatly organized elements make it quick and easy to do different tasks. You can quickly create campaigns as well as tracking links. While creating a tracking link, you provide information such as campaign name, tracking link, friendly name, and destination URL to which the visitor is redirected after clicking the tracking link.

Data Collection and Tracking

The tool converts the destination URL, the original link, into a tracking link. You can utilize this tracking link wherever you want such as Twitter, Facebook, and e-mails. Redirection happens so quickly, perhaps in milliseconds, which the visitor is unable to notice.

Each time a tracking link is clicked, the visitor is redirected to the original page. During this redirect, ClickMeter gathers vital data such as the source from where the visitor came from, the location of the visitor, browser, platform, unique click or not, language, and mobile detection. These details are shown in real time through reports, which is something that many other popular tracking tools do not offer.

Real-time Analytics

With ClickMeter, you can gather all stats and watch all clicks at one place without touching the code on your site. You can analyze the visitors clicking on your marketing links and ads so that they can be directed to the most relevant landing page for maximum conversions based on their indicators such as location, language, and device.

You can easily measure which clicks, interestingly on a World map, and how many of them were made on your links. The dashboard tracks KPIs, compares results from different periods and data points, shows which conversion process worked better, and compares trends of different campaigns. Even split A/B testing included to know which landing pages are more productive.

Conversion Tracking

ClickMeter allows tracking multiple conversions, custom parameters, commission amount, product IDs, and conversion value. You can create a filter for your conversion tracking strategy such as free and paid subscription, sales and leads, and so on.

Click Fraud Alert

ClickMeter has the tools to detect suspicious click-fraud activities.  Click fraud detection is a must have feature for PPC campaigns or auction based advertising. You need to configure them after which they can point out to fraudulent campaigns. You may get notices on fraudulent clicks and tweak settings in your ad campaign accordingly to improve ROI.

Redirection Rules

There are many web pages on the web, which are meant for specific users only. This segmentation could be based on the device, language spoken by a visitor, location of the visitor and so on. ClickMeter offers advanced redirection rules where visitors can be redirected to relevant pages rather than a fixed page using many redirect rules. This feature has a lot of applications and use cases.


ClickMeter offers integration with Wordpress through their plugin. They also provide an indepth tutorial to track links from several classified ads sites like Craigslist, Kijiji, Olx and Backpage. They also offer tutorial to integrate with an advertising platform like Adwords and Social platform like Tumblr.


ClickMeter is ideal for tracking first marketing campaign in just a few seconds. It is a preferred choice for those who wish to run several marketing campaigns at once, such as social media, e-mail marketing, and PPC.

Top Features


  • Country-based Targeting
  • Language-based Targeting
  • Device-based Targeting
  • User-based Targeting
  • Random Redirect
  • Sequential Redirect
  • Countdown Links
  • Password-protected Redirects
  • Time Scheduled Redirect
  • IP Rotation
  • Link Cloaking
  • URL Encryption
  • Referral Wiping
  • Branded Tracking Links
  • First-level Domains & Subdomains
  • Turn Links On
  • Clone Links
  • Tagging Links
  • Editable Destination URLs
  • Bulk Link Creation


  • View & Click Tracking
  • Tracking Timestamp & IP
  • Tracking Country & Region
  • Tracking Organization & Language
  • Tracking Browser & Platform
  • Mobile Detection
  • Tracking Visitor Type
  • Source Analysis
  • Custom Parameters
  • Conversions Tracking & Funnel
  • Tracking Product ID
  • Split Testing
  • UE Privacy
  • Blocking Spammers
  • Google Analytics UMT


  • Dashboard KPIs
  • Trend Reports
  • Campaign & Link List
  • Conversion Comparison Label
  • Comparison Reports
  • Detailed Data Points
  • World Map
  • Top Browsers & Cities
  • Top Parameters
  • Top Keywords
  • Exporting Reports
  • Multiple Languages
  • Custom Logo & TImezone


  • Fast Sharing
  • Private & Public Sharing
  • Sharing Email Notification
  • Sub-accounts Management
  • Shared Reports Autologin


  • Monitoring Blacklist
  • Monitoring Broken Links
  • Monitoring Server Error
  • Monitoring Latency


  • AdWords Integration
  • Affiliate Networks Integration
  • Chrome & Firefox Integration
  • Analytics UTM Integration
  • Shopify & Wordpress Integration


  • Detailed Documentation
  • SandBox Integration
  • Multiple API Keys
  • Engineers Consulting


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