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Linktrack is a link tracking tool that can track links and clicks using an interface. Individuals can track down keywords that do not make any money and dead links that do not link anywhere. The reports can be displayed in a detailed manner with all the geographic locations and the timings. Offers can be rotated and visitors IP addresses can also be noted regardless of the device they use.

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Easy to use, unlimited links and clicks, real-time and sharable reports, custom domain name, re-targeting links, affordable, no expiration, full control


No A/B testing, Not enterprise ready yet


A reliable tool for online marketers who need to monitor all clicks and links involved in their marketing campaigns


With more and more people are stepping into the world of online marketing business, competition amongst them is speedily increasing. This makes it more difficult to get the competitive edge to outshine others. However, timely monitoring of online marketing campaigns can help you gain this competitive edge quite effortlessly. This is exactly where LinkTrack seems to prove its effectiveness. was first developed in 2008 by Dallas, Texas based firm An Internet marketing professional Keeton Harrington developed this tool. He made this tool to track and monitor the outcomes of online marketing efforts for his own business and other clients, effectively.

Today, LinkTrack is capable of tracking email, pay-per-click, affiliate, and social media campaigns. It is an online link tracker designed to monitor almost any marketing source generating traffic your site, such as ads, links, and clicks. You get real-time information and updates through reports, due to which you can identify the sources that are generating maximum traffic for your site.

Setup and Interface

There is no need of installation because the tool is an online link tracking service. All you have to do is choose the most suitable plan and create your account to get started. After logging, you see a dashboard where you can add links and clicks for tracking them.

Tracking Unlimited Links and Clicks

Supporting an unlimited number of links for tracking is the most distinct as well as commendable feature of LinkTrack. When you login for the first time, you can start adding links and organizing them by groups. You can even add notes or search for the desired link quickly. LinkTrack also allows sharing the tracking pages with clients who can see reports in real time. This is possible by enabling the public tracking option.

No Link Expiry

Despite supporting unlimited links, the tool ensures that none of the added links expires. This means you can track them for unlimited number of clicks per month (plan to be renewed per month). However, you can specify your own expiration date. You can even choose to deactivate a link automatically after a predetermined number clicks, through a Professional account.

Conversion Tracking Backed by Instant Alerts

If you choose the Professional plan, the tool comes with the conversion tracking option for tracking email signups, sales, and page visits. You can even see the real time geographic details of visitors and know the total number of unique visitors.

You can even choose to have real-time e-mails whenever your link gets a click. Such e-mails give away essential tracking information as well as assist you to track hot leads, check affiliate statistics, and measure marketing campaigns. Interestingly, if notification for each click is not required, the Professional plan allows setting an alert threshold through which a single email is received when a link reaches up a particular number of clicks.

Custom Domain Name Support

LinkTrack allows choosing an alternative domain name for tracking links through a Professional account. The provider offers this list of alternative names. You can even use your existing domain by adding it to your account. This is a handy feature for those who wish to retain their brand without actually installing anything on your server.


Apart from monitoring links, LinkTrack shortens the added links, which makes it easier to recall or read, especially by visitors. This helps in cloaking various links such as affiliate links or long URLs. Further, all your links can be protected by password if required.

Plus+ Tracking

Through a Professional account, the unique Plus+ Tracking feature allows appending identifiable information to the links. This allows using a single custom link to be sent to several sources and gauge individual response from one location.


LinkTrack is a good option for those who wish to track links and clicks in a quick and simple manner. For each link, the in-depth tracking information as well as colorful graphs precisely assists in taking major marketing decisions.

Top Features

  • Unlimited Links
  • Real-time Clicks Reports
  • Detailed Charts & Graphs
  • Re-targeting Links
  • Unlimited Clicks
  • Unexpired Links
  • Custom Vanity Links
  • Email Alerts
  • Shareable Tracking Reports
  • Links On/Off
  • Reset Links
  • Custom Expiration Dates
  • Password Protected Links
  • IP Addresses & Location
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Tracking Unique Visitors
  • Google+ Tracking
  • Custom Domain Names
  • Click Threshold Alerts
  • Exporting Reports
  • Sharing Tracking Pages


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