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Pure360 is a cloud-based email marketing platform that helps to supercharge your digital marketing results and grow your business. It provides various features, including email strategy, list management, targeted email, email automation, email design, and email reporting. With this platform, you can do email marketing easily in 5 steps: create, engage, convert, analyze, and improve.

Top Features

General Features

  • Email Maturing Solution
  • SMS Marketing Solution
  • Strategic Consulter
  • Account Migrater

Email Campaign

  • Email Scheduler
  • Autoresponder
  • Viral Campaigning Solution
  • Dynamic Content Management
  • New Subscriber Engager

Email Editing

  • Drag & Drop Templates
  • Mobile Optimiser Solution

Integration Features

  • Web Platform Integration

Analytic Solution

  • Subscriber Transactional Activity
  • Behavioural Activity Analysis
  • Google Analytics

Email Reporting

  • Real-Time Behavioural Report
  • Browser Data Report
  • Mobile Seen Scorer
  • Intuitive Graphs


Ideal For
  • Small Business
  • Mid Sized Business
  • Enterprise
Pricing Model
  • Custom Quote
  • Cloud


Overall Visibility Score 48.25

Score Influencers

  • Overall
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google Plus
  • Website Mentions
  • Estimated Visitors

Company Information

Company Name: Purepromoter Limited

Founded In: 2001

Address: Unit A-E Lvl 3 South, New England House New England Street, Brighton, East Sussex, UK

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