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SEMRush is an online marketing tool used by professionals for effective keyword research for their target websites. Based on target domain, keyword or URL, SEMRush gives details about best keywords for that particular business based on user searches, demand and competition. SEMRush data allows users to estimate keyword difficulty by comparing competitive domains with the purpose of finding keywords with less competition but high demand.

Detailed Review


Provides an in-depth overview of the state of a website, competitors as well as keywords in an industry in a fraction of time. Provides important data for organic SEO and PPC.


Estimates should be treated as estimates as data may not be 100% accurate. No affiliate data research.


SEMRush is no magic wizard but will equip you with an arsenal of tools to make your online search campaign a lot easier. Definitely worth taking for a spin!


SEMRush is an all-in-one marketing toolkit provided by SEMRush, a digital marketing company founded in 2008 and based in Trevose, Pennsylvania, USA. The mission of this company is to help digital marketing professionals to get the equal opportunity for making the online competition more fair and transparent for everyone. SEMRush is a popular tool for search engine optimization and search engine marketing that deliver on its promise of providing valuable data about your website or your competitors’ website at a nominal price. SEMRush is an ideal tool whether you are a search marketing consultant or run your own websites.

The Range Of Analytic Tools

SEMRush puts together an array of data about your website to provide a quick snapshot about what you are researching into. Some attributes you can look into include organic traffic, paid search traffic, keywords and competitors. Each analytic tool is provided in the most detailed and simple-to-understand way. So, for instance, if you want to know about the keyword analysis for your website, you can simply run the keyword analytic tool and generate the report for your keyword analysis, all complete with detailed statistics of your keyword usage, as well as the effectiveness of the keywords. Also, you can see various colors within the report to make it more understandable so that you can see which parts of your marketing need to be improved.

Organic Traffic Analysis

SEMRush allows you to analyze your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses. With this section, you can instantly acquire a report detailing the keywords that your competitors dominate (or receive most traffic). On the flip side, you can find out potential gold mine keywords that are up for grabs which you can target for your client or for your own website. The good thing about the organic traffic analysis in this software is that you can easily find the keywords that are best used to balance the domination of your competitors in those keywords. It means that when the competitors have the strong position in the search engine, you can still find a way to put your website in the same place by using the right keywords.

SEMRush is primarily a keyword analysis tool. You can search a domain name and you’ll see the list of all organic and paid keywords for the domain name along with the average ranking data immediately. Similarly, you can search a keyword and see top competitors on organic and paid search. For serious marketer, this can be a huge help to get the exact overview of the website performance without many efforts. In terms of the domain name ranking, you can easily see the trend or pattern for the domains that get ranked high in the search engine for certain keywords. Then, you can find the way to improve your domain name ranking in the search engine using different keywords that your competitors might not already use.

Competitor Ad Campaigns

PPC is always a favorite way for businesses to spread the word about their products to their audience. Also, it’s one of the best ways to attract high quality traffic to their landing page. SEMRush can save you a lot of time if you are looking to start a campaign in an industry that already has players doing the same thing. A quick advertising report will give you the detailed analysis of ad campaigns of competitors allowing you to replicate their ad style, ad keywords and other settings. This way you can cash in on a piece of the pie without risk, as well as wasting time with the trial and error, or you can fine tune your campaign to best theirs. Also, when competitors are tight in the PPC platform, it might help you save the time to put high performing ads in your marketing by using the competitor ad campaigns feature, which can help you to see the ads that work for your competitors.

Of course, if you are looking to penetrate an entirely new niche market this tool may not be very useful for you. However, you may find some valuable information by analyzing data of players in a broader market. When you are delving in a niche market that has no tight competition, you can always rely on other analytic tools such as keyword analysis, backlink analysis, and so on. But, the data can still be used to run PPC ad campaigns for smaller niche. In broader markets, however, this data can save you a lot of money and time, since it becomes fairly easy to see which ads work and which ads don’t work, and then you can participate in the PPC campaign with better ads.

Display Advertising Report

The Display Advertising Report feature takes you beyond just typical search marketing and allows you to analyze content ads that Google delivers to advertisers using the AdSense platform. With this tool, you can look into the notable publishers and even find out which publishers your competitors used to drive traffic to their website so that you can replicate the same process. Since the ads won’t be displayed in the search engine results, it is important for you to find the ad publishers that can best display your ads so that your audience can quickly click on it. There are lots of publishers that you can find using this software, and you can always see their effectiveness by analyzing their display advertising performance and make sure that you only put your ads on the best websites.

Backlink Analysis

Plenty of factors that constitute to SEO have changed but backlinks remain the most important factor when considering a site’s SEO potential. SEMRush allows you to look into the source and the number of backlinks as well as its quality by assessing which site is linking to yours. It also provides an overview of anchor text which may give you further information on what keywords are popular in the industry. You can also look into certain aspects of backlinks that may be useful depending on the industry and type of website, such as whether the link was a text or image. In short, with this software, you can conduct a deep analysis on the backlinks that your competitors use, as well as how they perform. Thus, you can use the best one for your site in order to achieve the same or better performance.

Backlink analysis and backlink data may not be as accurate and deep enough as dedicated backlink analysis tools like ahrefs or majestic offers, but you can still expect fairly huge amount of data and overview. With this software, there are tools that help you understand more about your website structure, as well as the way you put links on your website. You can also find your domain authority, link authority, the types of your backlink, and find the Geo-location of your links. All in all, for most of your backlink needs, this software gives you the data that you need and can act upon.

Parallel Comparison

SEMRush provides a useful feature to track more than a website in parallel and assess common keywords and other patterns. This is excellent if you are going head to head with a competitor and need to track their moves. If you want to see how your website perform as compared to the competitor’s websites, this is the right tool for you to use. With the parallel comparison feature, you can see which aspects of your website that contribute to its success, and which aspects of your website that contribute to its failure. It’s also the same with the competitors. The parallel comparison helps you to find their strengths and weaknesses and improve your website based on the data that you get from this comparison.

Keyword Tools

A couple of useful keyword tools are available in the platform including keyword tracking and keyword difficulty. The former is still being tested (beta) and provides a recurring report of where your website stands for a particular keyword. It is useful if you are running a rank tracking campaign for a particular keyword on your website. The latter, as the name suggests, will allow you to gauge how challenging it would be to dominate a certain keyword and if it is an apparently insurmountable or expensive task, the tool will suggest related but easier keywords to overcome and gain the coveted #1 spot on Google. Since this software is mainly about keyword research, it offers a good range of keyword suggestion tools that you can use, which are in most aspects better than other similar tools.

To give you a sense of direction, you can look at the Site Audit which will advise you about things that need to be fixed and how well you are faring. Site Audit is one feature that you have to use the first time that you use this software, since it gives a lot of information about your website, and it also provides lots of ideas for you to improve your website, as well as to fix the aspects of your website in terms of user experience, navigation, site structure, and so on. It also gives you the rough idea before you use other tools that are offered in this software as you can see the data offered by Site Audit as the starting point in your whole journey to improve your website position in the search engine.

Position Tracking

Optimizing your website for SEO without actually tracking your search engine position for the keywords that you target is a kind of like walking around the street on a blindfold. You know that you want to go somewhere, but you don’t even know your current position. The position tracking feature from SEMRush is the feature that you would want to use since it gives you the information about your website position on the search engine in real time. So, whatever the keywords that you target, you can always find the current position of your website, and you are notified about every change that you have in your website. This feature can also help you discover your local competitors, create groups for your keywords by tagging them, and discover your current local competitors for the keywords that you target.

Social Media Tracker

Since social media has been a major part of any online business nowadays, it is increasingly more important for you to track your social media progress as well. If you are constantly promoting your business via social media, you have to know your current engagement rate, active followers, the effectiveness of your social media posts, click through rate, conversion rate, and so on. This software offers quite a deep social media tracker tool that can help track your social media progress in real time. In short, this tool provides the features that can help you develop the best social media strategy for your business. The additional features include tracking and analyzing your social media results and building great reports for your social media marketing.

Brand Monitoring

How people perceive your brand can make or break your online marketing strategy since branding is one of the most important aspects of any online business. Without a strong branding strategy, your business might as well go into the ditch if you cannot build, develop, and maintain your business brand in the long run. The SEMRush software allows you to take care of your branding by providing the robust brand monitoring system that helps you to monitor the reputation of your brand, find new opportunities for your brand, learn the branding strategy of your competitors, and track the backlinks for your brand. The brand monitoring system can help strengthen your brand in all aspects of your business.

Organic Traffic Insights

This software also gives you good insights about your organic traffic, meaning that it analyzes the traffic that comes naturally from the search engine in detail. You can find the data about the effectiveness of your keyword research, the quality of your traffic, as well as the conversion rate of the traffic. With this tool, you can also get the benefits of finding keywords that are used by people to find your website, gain as many new keywords from the users as possible, and mix the data from the keyword research tool with the search console, giving you the best recommendations to improve your site performance.

On Page SEO Checker

In order for you to be able to improve the rank of your website, you have to analyze the on-page SEO aspect of your website. It essentially analyzes the way you put together your website and see every SEO aspect on your web pages. This includes the way you put your target keywords on your page and see how they perform on the search engine. The SEMRush software can give you the detailed report about how the on-page SEO might affect your rank, and how you can improve your rank by changing various aspects of your on-page SEO. On top of that, you can also compare your on-page data with the on-page data of your competitors.

Content Analyzer

After all that is done to improve various aspects of your website, your website content is the area that you have to take a look as well. In fact, the reason people come to your website is not to admire your website design, but to consume your website content. Whether you post regular articles, posts, videos, presentations, podcasts, or infographics, your website content is the one that people look from your website. This software provides a complete content analyzer tool to help analyze the SEO aspect of your content, including keyword placement, density, keyword relevancy, and so on. In short, the tool helps you to assert the content that you’ve published on your website and measure its effectiveness in bringing more traffic to your site.


If you are looking to find the best all-in-one SEO tool for your digital marketing needs, SEMRush is definitely one of the most recommended digital marketing tools for any type of business. Whether you have a small business or a corporation, this software can help assess your website performance on the search engine and compare it to your competitors. In fact, this tool helps you to compete in the search engine game fair and square, with a huge range of analytic tools that you can use in just a few clicks. The dashboard gives you all the important data that you need, and you can generate the reports for your website data to see a more detailed information about it. It’s the best keyword research tool that helps to analyze all aspects of your website and give you the best recommendations to improve your website ranking.

Top Features

Core Features

  • Upto 50000 Results
  • Upto 1000 Reports,Unlimited Projects
  • Tracking Keywords
  • Crawling Pages
  • Social Media Profiles
  • Scheduling PDF Reports
  • Branded PDF Reports
  • Accessing Historical Data
  • Product Listing Advertisement
  • Managing Multiple Users

Analytics Reports

  • Viewing Competitors Keyword
  • Discovering Organic Competitors
  • Observe Position Changes
  • Advertising Research
  • Ad Strategies Budget
  • Advertisement Campaigns Localization
  • Display Advertising
  • Analyzing Competitors Ads
  • Deep Link Analysis
  • Referring Domains Authority
  • Checking Backlinks Types
  • Geo-location Reports
  • Video Advertising Research
  • Video Advertisement Campaign
  • Keyword Research
  • Finding SEO Keywords
  • Gather Relevant Keywords
  • Long-tail Keywords
  • Multi-nation & Multi-lingual Support
  • Product Listing Advertisement
  • PLA Competitors Insights


  • Finding Less-competition Keywords
  • Keyword Difficulty Estimation
  • Domains Comparisons
  • Key Visibility Indicators
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Custom PDF Reports
  • Branded Reporting
  • Sharing & Scheduling Reports


  • Tracking Position
  • Discovering Local Competitors
  • Group Keywords
  • Targeting Different Devices
  • Auditing Website
  • Prioritize SEO Issues
  • Tracking SEO Progress
  • Tracking Social Campaigns
  • Research Social-media Competitors
  • Monitoring Brand Reputation
  • Tracking Backlinks
  • SEO Ideas
  • Actionable Recommendations
  • In-depth Comparison Analysis

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