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A great second opinion anti-malware for most Windows users.

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Lightweight, user friendly and very good at removing even deeply embedded viruses (I.e. bootkits and rootkits).


Free version does not include real time protection.


A great second opinion anti-malware for most Windows users.


When it comes to security in digital life, we can never be 100% secure. However, it also doesn't mean that we should forget security altogether. That's why Windows has taken security to the next level with Windows 10 by including its own antivirus along with many other security features. Now, it may be good for many users, but those of us who're more concerned towards our security may want to do something else as well. And fortunately, there's a good starting point: an on-demand antivirus.

On-demand anti viruses allow you to have a second opinion in all cases of doubt. And while one can always take the second opinion with help of online virus scanners, if there exists a virus undetected by the default antivirus then it may also block the access to websites of those scanners. For such reasons some security concerned users prefer a locally installed on-demand antivirus.

So here we're going to take a look at one such popular on-demand antiviurs cum anti-malware that can be installed locally. It's known as Zemana Antimalware. Let's see how powerful it is in our review.

User Interface

The UI of Zemana Antimalware is clean, simple and very easy to use. The Home Screen shows a big green scan button and only two scan options through a drop down menu: Smart Scan and Deep Scan. The smart one, as you may expect, is quicker option that looks into critical places only. Deep scan, on the other hand, takes some time but ensures that no file on your PC has any viruses.  The screen also shows status of real-time protection.

Similarly, the scanning screen is also very minimalist. It shows only progress, the number of files scanned and number of threats detected - that's it! You won't see any complicated stuff anywhere.


Zemana Antimalware, which claims to be capable of cleaning your computer regardless of how badly infected it may be, keeps its promises when it comes to virus protection. Not only it's capable of providing you real-time protection from a variety of viruses and ransomware but also from the deepest embedded bootkits and rootkits even – something which many popular antiviruses can't do. It also protects your PC from adware and a wide range of malware.

What makes Zemana even better is its ability to work side by side with your existing antivirus. It works flawlessly and without any conflict, thereby increasing your security.

However, a slightly disappointing part of its protection is that its free version does not include real-time protection - and that's what makes it an on-demand antivirus.

Browser Cleaner

A unique feature in Zemana Antimalware is its ability to remove unnecessary toolbars and add-ons from web browsers. And it works wonders - just clean your browser with it if your browser has recently been working slowly or showing annoying pop-ups. Once you clean, you'll have your browser working flawlessly once again.


Zemana Antimalware is a great on-demand antivirus for most Windows users. It's lightweight yet functional, useful yet easy to use - a combination that's rare in the market of security software. However, the lack of real-time protection in free version is a disappointment. But fortunately, you can bypass that acquiring its premium version for $76.95, which is still way less than the cost of many other antivirus products. If you do that, it'll add one more layer of security to your computer as Zemana can work seamlessly with your existing antivirus.

Since Windows 10 already comes with its own Windows Defender Antivirus, I would recommend you to get this one too for an additional layer of security. Once you've done that, you'll be far better off than most other Windows users in terms of security without having to purchase more costly antivirus products.


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