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Zenfolio powers the internet photography businesses of professional and aspiring photographers alike. It makes it pretty simple for users for creating portfolio sites on their own. It offers amazing galleries for displaying their work, limitless HD video and photo storage, marketing tools and mobile applications to the users. To be simple, Zenfolio strives to offer all-in-one internet solutions for photographers for organizing, displaying and selling images.

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Offers unlimited storage and backup for all your photos. Integrated shopping cart allows easier creation and management of full e-commerce stores.


Photo watermarking and branding only available in Pro Plan and above.


Provides the best place to store all of your photos and sell it to your audience easily, with unlimited storage. Can be used by either amateur or professional photographers, with 2-week trial available.


Zenfolio is a online portfolio website service founded in 2005 by Zenfolio, Inc. The company is headquartered in Menlo Park, California, USA. The main focus of the company is to help both amateur and professional photographers to organize, manage, share, and sell their photos. It also allows their users to build professional portfolio websites to create professional photo galleries to showcase their works.

Beautiful and Customizable Website Design

Zenfolio provides a feature called Theme Designer, which allows you to build and customize your own website without any coding knowledge necessary. You can choose between many beautiful and custom designs and apply it to your website. You can add your own logo and branding to establish your own brand and attract loyal customers to your site. The one-click template feature allows you to apply a website template without doing any complicated steps or processes, just with one click. You can also add unlimited custom pages and integrated photo blog into your website.

Simple Client Proofing

With the simple client proofing, you can customize the placement of your photos anywhere, as well as allows your clients to browse your photos comfortably from any device. The simple migration tools allow you to migrate your photos from other platforms to Zenfolio automatically, without having to go through any complicated process. The quick uploading feature allows you to upload your photos in lightning speed, allowing you to fill your storage space with high quality photos and HD videos quickly. The unlimited storage and backup provides the maximum storage space for all of your photos and videos without any additional fees.

Marketing Tools

Zenfolio allows you not only to customize your portfolio website easily, but also to market it easily as well. There are a lot of marketing tools that you can use to attract more visitors to your website, so that you can sell more photos to your audience. The SEO tools allow you to optimize your website in the search engine, by improving your website ranking for your chosen keywords. The social media feature allows you to spread the word about your portfolio website to your social media audience. It also provides various other marketing tools, such as email communications, visitor sign-in, gift certificates, and coupons.

Photographer Central

The Photographer Central is a directory managed by Zenfolio that allows you to promote your photography-related business directly to your audience. There are various genres available in the Photographer Central, and there are thousands of photographers who are listing their business in this directory. You can consider Photographer Central as a directory for all kinds of photographers to promote their business online, as well as reaching more audience and connecting with other photographers. You can find photographers to complete your projects, or if you are a photographer, you can find projects that fit with your job description easily.

Easy Online Store Creation

It is easy for you to sell your photography-related products with Zenfolio. Since the platform is integrated with popular shopping carts, you can easily build your own e-commerce store and sell your products from there. For example, you can sell your photo prints from your online store to your audience. You can also monetize your photos by selling other products as you see fit, and market it to the world. The company is partnered with various print partners that can help you to print your photos and deliver your products in various countries, including Miller’s, MPixPro, IYP, Pikto, PictureItPostage, and more.


Zenfolio is a online portfolio website service that allows you to build a customizable portfolio website without any coding knowledge necessary. You can choose from many beautiful designs to build your own portfolio website, as well as add unlimited pages and an integrated photo blog. The simple client proofing feature allows your clients to browse your photos easily from any device, with unlimited storage and backup. The marketing tools help to promote your website and attract more audience to your photography-related business. The Photographer Central allows you to post your projects in a photographer directory, and projects for you to work on. The easy online store creation helps you to sell your photography-related products to your audience by partnering with trusted print companies.

Top Features

Core Features

  • Multiple Themes
  • Themes Customization
  • Custom Logo & Branding
  • One-click Migration Tools
  • Fast Content Upload
  • Integrated Photo Blog
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Mobile Application
  • Managing Website via Mobile

Marketing Tools

  • SEO Tools
  • Social Media Sharing
  • Automated Email Marketing
  • Email Templates
  • Coupons & Gifts Certificates
  • Central Directory Listing

Client Proofing

  • Multiple Device Supported
  • Tracking Visitor Sign-in
  • Branded Email Invitations
  • Importing Files


  • Shopping Cart
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Custom Products
  • Reviewing Client Orders
  • Seamless Mobile Shopping
  • Selling Download Licenses
  • Flexible Shipping Options

Members Benefits

  • Gear & Equipment Rentals
  • Post-processing Services
  • Online Photographer Directory
  • Photo Classes & Workshops
  • Business Cards


Overall Visibility Score 76.75

Score Influencers

  • Overall
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google Plus
  • Website Mentions
  • Estimated Visitors

Company Information

Company Name: Zenfolio, Inc.

Founded In: 2005

Address: 150 Dow Street, Tower 2, Manchester, NH, USA

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