Project Management Software

Collaboration is important in any business, because with a good team collaboration, you will be able to complete any projects and grow your business effectively. Project Management Software helps you to manage your projects easily and work together with your team to complete all your projects. Moreover, the software helps you to automate your business workflow, improve your productivity, and increase your success rate. 

These are the best project management software solutions that you can use for your business: 


Provides online project management and task management software. The software helps you to get organized and get stuff done, collaborate with teams and clients, and...

By:, Ltd.



Provides visual project management software that allows you to visually manage complex projects and focus on the most important things. It features project hierarchy, backlog...

By: Targetprocess Inc.



Provides free and flexible project management software that allows you to organize anything with anyone. It features add comments, file attachment upload, checklist creator, labels...

By: Trello, Inc.



Provides teamwork management software that allows you to empower your team and get more done. It features private projects, private teams, unlimited guests, unlimited projects,...

By: Asana, Inc.



Provides an online project management app that can be used by everyone, whether for personal or business use. It features mobile and desktop apps, time...

By: Basecamp, LLC



Provides all-in-one online project management software that allows you to manage your projects, resources, and business processes. It features Gantt charts, project tracking, resource management,...

By: Celoxis Technologies Pvt. Ltd.



Provides online project management software designed for business of all sizes. It features collaboration, file sharing, Gantt charts, alerts and reminders, calendars, Google Apps, mobile...

By:, Inc.



Provides project management software that allows you to collaborate with your team and get organized. It features Podio Apps, reporting, workflows, web forms, Podio Share,...

By: Citrix Systems UK Limited



Provides online project management software tools that allow you to go beyond the traditional task and project management. It features task discussion, real-time activity stream,...

By: Wrike, Inc.



Provides free task management software that allows you to collaborate with your team, with unlimited users. It features network, projects, tasks, labels, priorities, subtasks, deadlines,...

By: Jive Software, Inc.



Provides an online workspace platform that allows you to bring task, tool, activity, and code together in one place. It features task and issue management,...

By: Assembla Inc.



Provides online project management tools and collaboration software that allows you to maximize your team productivity and accountability. It features real-time communication platform, team workspaces,...

By: Redbooth, Inc.



Provides team collaboration software that allows you to create projects, organize projects, and discuss projects with your team. It features unlimited workspaces, rich content editor,...

By: Atlassian Pty Ltd



Provides project management software that allows your team to see the big picture of your projects. It features private and shareable boards, email notifications and...

By: daPulse Labs, Ltd



Provides flexible web-based project management software that can work on various platforms and databases. It features Gantt chart and calendar, feeds and email notifications, issue...

By: Redmine



Provides free project management software that allows you to work together with your team and stay organized. It features dashboards, lists, Kanban, tasks, milestones, events,...

By: Freedcamp Inc.



Provides online IT project management software designed for technology teams. It features project scheduling and organization, team planning and coordination, built-in project collaboration, time tracking...

By: LiquidPlanner, Inc.



Provides online project management software that allows you to collaborate with your team, manage projects, and increase your profits. It features centralized project communications, drag-and-drop...

By: Mavenlink, Inc.



Provides online project management application designed for small and medium businesses. It features milestones tracking, project templates, file sharing, automatic time tracking, desktop and mobile...

By: Paymo LLC


Central Desktop

Provides collaboration and online project management software for businesses. It features workspaces, people, social collaboration, files, search, document management, creative approvals, cloud collaboration, online databases,...

By: Central Desktop, Inc.


Zoho Projects

Provide online project management software that allows you to effectively manage your projects. It features project planning, Gantt charts, project coordinator, reporting tools, collaboration software,...

By: Zoho Corporation Pvt. Ltd.



Provides top-quality product roadmap software designed for product managers to visualize their product roadmapping process. It features complete market analysis, goal tracking, strategic initiative alignment,...

By: Aha! Labs Inc.



Provides task management and team collaboration software that allows you to stay organized with your projects. It features task filtering, seamless workflow, all-in-one calendar, discussions...

By: Active Collab



PlanITpoker is a web based scrum planning poker application used by distributed software development teams for estimating software projects. Created by UK software development company...

By: CodeFirst



Provides online project management software that allows you to manage your projects collaboratively and automate your workflow. It features budget and expensive management, burndown chart,...

By: Clarizen, Inc.



Provides a free project management, time tracking, and collaboration software that allows you to manage tasks, timesheets, and documents. It features project tracking, Gantt charts,...

By: Websystems Inc.



Provides project management software that allows you to boost your team productivity. It features unlimited teams and projects, web and desktop apps, team calendars, push...

By: Glip, Inc.



Provides open-source free project management software designed for startups and agile developers. It features intuitive platform, simple project management, full customization, full project control, user...

By: Taiga Agile, LLC



Provides project management, online collaboration, and time tracking software that allows you to manage projects and tasks online. It features a simple interface, timeline view,...

By: Disarea LLC


The Daily Project

The Daily Project is a new productivity tool that combines additional features of projects and categories with time tracking, while keeping the simplicity of known...

By: The Cridah Group, Ltd.



Provides all-in-one online project management software that allows you to reach your goals. It features smooth project management, secure document sharing, seamless collaboration, Kanban boards,...

By: Projectplace International AB



Provides project management software that allows you to empower your team with more creativity to finish your projects. It features projects and portfolio management, resource...

By: Workfront, Inc.



Provides team collaboration software that allows you to manage projects and collaborate with your team in a secure workspace. It features cloud storage, team collaboration,...

By: Ninian Solutions Limited



Provides end-to-end agile project management software that allows enterprises to scale easier and faster. It features agile portfolio management, program management, agile project management, quality...

By: VersionOne, Inc.



Provides easy-to-use project management software with time tracking and time management functions. It features clients and contracts, invoicing, document storage, lightweight project management, unlimited users,...

By: Pelago Corporation



Provides online project collaboration software designed for teams and small business. It features project listings, project history, milestones, task list, recurring tasks, copying and moving...

By: Synage Software Pvt. Ltd.


Egress Switch Secure Workspace

Switch Secure Workspace enables users to store, share and edit sensitive files collaboratively, in a online secure AES encrypted environment. Users can upload documents to...

By: Egress Software Technologies


AlchemyWorks Projects

AlchemyWorks Project Management System is a flexible approach to project, task, collaboration and portfolio management, incorporating various security and collaboration features. Get access to all...

By: AlchemyWorks Ltd



elapseit is a complete, user-friendly and useful online project management software with a lot of highly connected features. You can manage easily your projects from...

By: elapseit LLC



Ideal for technology, advertizing, law, finance, and non-profit companies. Enterprise plan comes with many advanced features.

By: Comindwork


FastTrack Schedule

Makes the scheduling and goal creation process very easy and achievable for your team. Has the tool to track project performance and improve strategic planning.

By: AEC Software, Inc.

Project Management Software Buying Guide

For any business, having a comprehensive project management tool is essential for optimal efficiency and hassle-free operations. Such software helps the managers as well as teams to meet client requirements by effectively managing budgets, time, and resources within the scope constraints.

As a fact, getting the most suitable project management software for your company can prove to be somewhat daunting. This is because of the multitude of tools available in the market, each differing in terms of features and price. Therefore, here are some key features to consider while deciding the right project management software for your firm.

Online or On-Premise Deployment

Broadly, many project management solutions fall into two categories namely, on-premise and online. In case of the former, the software is deployed in the server of your company, which sits in the data center. On the other hand, the online deployment uses the cloud-based technology and is available as the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) by the service providers.

Of the two, the cloud-based ones are evolving rapidly in terms of functions and features, making themselves affordable and reliable. As a result, small to big scale companies are increasingly favoring these online solutions.

Project Management Features

The best project management solution comes with all the essential features such as creating templates, splitting projects into sub-projects, and creating timelines and milestones. Other features to look for include calendars for marking events, critical paths for estimating the best duration to complete a task, cross-project dependencies that affect priorities, issue management, and project hierarchy for organizing a project on multiple levels.

Task Management

This feature set enables creating and managing tasks across projects and teams. Look for a solution that facilitates sub-tasks, task dependencies, private tasks, task importing, allocation to multiple users, and recurring tasks for flawless management. Other important features that may be useful to you include commenting on tasks, setting task dependencies, finalizing task duration, sending task notifications, and creating task templates.

Team Collaboration

This is essential if your team with members separated geographically needs to work together. Most solutions come with an activity streaming feature to keep team members updated by showing recent activities on tasks and projects. Similarly, they also offer wikis, notes, discussion sections, notifications about updates, message exchanges, and whiteboards for brainstorming in real time.

Integration with Email and Other Project Management Apps

One of the best features of any project management software is e-mail integration. This helps in receiving or providing progress reports, creating tasks, and replying to comments or discussions automatically without logging into the system. Apart from that, many online solutions are integrated with other useful apps such as MS Project, MS Office, Google Drive, Google Docs, Dropbox, and Box so that you can easily exchange files with your employees and clients.

Reporting and Scheduling

Because reports are the backbone of any improvement efforts, a business will wish to have a report on all different aspects such as expenses, hours spent on tasks, budget, resources, e-mails, time, and users. Therefore, it is ideal to choose the project management software that can generate more number of reports based on these criteria.

Just like reporting, scheduling has its own significance in the professional life of managers. The scheduling feature should allow arranging tasks and timelines as per the set deadlines per task, view timelines in a Gantt chart, and assigning a task temporarily for determining resource needs for new tasks. Such options make it easy to forecast and manage the resource time.

File Management

Project management is incomplete without document management. Therefore, look for file management features such as sharing files, uploading multiple files, attaching files to tasks, versioning, archiving task-related files in once place, commenting or marking a file, and organizing files as per criteria such as date and version.

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