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Ackerman Security provides home and business security systems for Atlanta and DC areas. It features keypads, motion detectors, video cameras, glass break sensors, remote controls, fire and smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, medical alert systems, water sensors, temperature sensors, and asset protection devices. It offers one monthly pricing plan, with pricing quotes available upon request.

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Provides turnkey security solutions for businesses of all sizes, custom-made for your needs. Possible to integrate your existing equipment to minimize the upfront costs for the security system installation.


Only works with active internet connection via the cloud-based security service. The security equipment cannot work when the internet connection is turned off, and it has no backup system.


Provides cloud-based security protection system for every business, allowing integration with existing security hardware. The security protection helps to prevent thefts, reduce loss, and improve your business performance.

Ackerman Security is a home and business security solution provided by Ackerman Security Systems, Inc., a company founded in 1967 and headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. The focus of the company is to provide advanced technology in security protection for residential and business customers. The company provides cloud-based services that allow you to remotely control your security system anytime and anywhere.

Custom Security Solutions and Integrations

Ackerman Security provides custom security solutions and integrations tailored for your business needs. You can integrate your existing security equipment with your new security system to give better protection system for your business, as well as save upfront costs involved in the installation of your security protection. It includes the alarm monitoring system that is reliable and always on.

The custom security solutions include various security features, such as intrusion alarm, asset protection, security cameras, video alerts, video verification, and access control systems. The system engineers from the company always ensure that your new security system can work with all of your existing systems and applications.

Fire and Life Safety

The company ensures that your business security is code-compliant and safe, so that you can ensure that your place is safe from potential fire accidents that may happen anytime. The company also conducts routine fire inspections to ensure that your business place is free from any risk of fire accidents. Moreover, the security system is designed and installed according to the specific safety code, with effective fire and evacuation systems.

The fire evacuation plan is compliant with the American Disability Act (ADA), ensuring the safety of everyone within your company in the event of emergency. The engineers are NICET IV certified, which work directly with the AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction) to oversee the process of CAD design, installation, and services of your fire and life safety system.

Cloud-Based Services

Ackerman Security comes with cloud-based services that work with your existing wireless internet connection. This way, you can connect with your security equipment from anywhere, using any internet-connected computer or mobile devices. You can control and manage your security system with the cloud-based services, allowing you to view live video streaming from the security cameras, check the security system status, review your life safety events, and more.

You can also manage the access control to your security system by removing and changing certain permission settings within your system. The alerts are sent to your devices immediately whenever there is a detected security threat within the system.

Advanced Video Surveillance System

The advanced video surveillance system provided by Ackerman Security comes with high-end security cameras with video alerts and video verification system. With the advanced video surveillance system, you can connect to the existing security equipment, record your business events, improve your business performance, and get real-time alerts for suspicious activities.

The video alert system helps you to get immediate notification of potential problems, verify your vendors and employees, and reduce the occurrence of false alarms. The video verification system helps to ensure that the emergency alert is genuine, as well as allowing faster dispatch of law enforcements.


Ackerman Security provides residential security protection system, as well as a custom business security system that can be integrated with your existing security equipment. The custom security solutions and integrations allow you to set up your business security based on your specific needs.

The fire and life safety ensure that your employees and customers are safe from fire accidents, with the fire evacuation system installed in compliance with business-code standard. The cloud-based services make it possible for you to control and manage your security system using your computer or mobile devices. Finally, the advanced video surveillance system allows you to get immediate alerts whenever a suspicious activity is detected, and reduce the occurrence of false alarms significantly.

Top Features

Sensors and Detectors
  • Touch-screen Keypads
  • Motion Detectors
  • Security Cameras
  • Remote Controls
  • Glass Break Sensors
  • Fire & Smoke Detectors
  • CO Detectors
  • Medical Alert System
  • Water Sensors
  • Temperature Sensors
  • Asset Protection Devices
Home Automation
  • Remotely Arm & Disarm
  • Lights Control
  • Lock & Thermostat Control
  • Instant Notifications
  • Live Video Streaming


Pricing Model
  • Custom Quote


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Company Information

Company Name: Ackerman Security Systems, Inc

Founded In: 1967

Address: 1346 Oakbrook Dr #175, Norcross, GA, USA

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