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By: Talent International Limited

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Advanced SystemCare is aimed at healing various PC issues while boosting its speed by up to 300 per cent. Advanced SystemCare PRO is an upgraded version that can perform even more tasks and handle more PC issues. It is complete PC utilities software that performs various tasks including privacy protection for internet users, security against malware, system cleaning & optimization, ultimate system tuneup, internet booster, real-time optimization, registry cleaning, hard drive optimization, etc.

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Great user interface, all in one solution for PC optimization and online privacy, affordable and coupled with a powerful internet speed booster.


Can be installed on 3 PCs only and some of its features (i.e. File Shredder) are separate downloads.


Iobit Advanced SystemCare 10 Professional is a great PC performance optimization tool that not only boosts the performance and overall health of your PC but also helps you in many other things as well, like online privacy and faster internet browsing. A must try for every savvy PC user.

If you are a Windows user from quite sometime, you might’ve noticed that it becomes slow and sluggish overtime. And there are many reasons behind it - from junk files to sophisticated viruses to unnecessary toolbars - there’re many enemies of this widely adopted operating system. Together these enemies not only decelerate the pace from which Windows can operate but also expose the users to a number of other security and privacy related issues. Therefore, if you want to win over them, you need a powerful software solution that can take care of all these issues.

So here we are going to take a look at one such solution called Iobit Advanced SystemCare 10 Professional. Let’s see what it can do to optimize the performance of our PC and protect us from the issues that come with a slow PC.

Plenty of Performance Optimization Features

There is no shortage of performance optimization features in this software. From features that provide quick performance boost to solutions that go in the depth of slowdowns, there’s a lot of good optimization stuff in Iobit Advanced SystemCare 10 Professional. The 4 major features include:

  • Turbo Boost: This feature provides instant performance boost by freeing up RAM storage. It achieves this by closing unnecessary services/programs running in background.
  • Hardware Accelerator: Up to date drivers are also necessary to keep our computers running smoothly, so this feature in Iobit ASC 10 Pro is aimed on it.  
  • Deep Optimization: This performs in-depth analysis of apps and services to determine issues that keep slowing down your PC for considerable length of time.
  • App/Toolbar Cleaner: This, as its name suggests, removes unnecessary toolbars and apps from your PC to make it run smoothly.

Privacy and Security Features

Iobit ASC 10 Pro can also help you a lot in maintaining your online privacy and keeping your PC secure. It has got many features to help you with such stuff. For example:

  • FaceID: This brings facial recognition to your computer. Once you set it up, you can unlock your computer by simply looking into the webcam. The feature can also let you know of other people who try to unlock your computer. Plus, it’s cool!
  • Browser Anti-Tracker: When you close the browser, this feature automatically wipes all your privacy traces (i.e. cookies etc.) from the computer so you can not be tracked whenever you go online the next time.
  • Real-time Protector: This feature protects your computer from spyware, malware and other such things in real-time.
  • Surfing Protector and Ads Remover: This removes all the ads from websites to make your browsing faster, and also protects your browsing from various online threats.
  • Windows 10 Reinforce: While Windows 10 is already pretty secure itself in comparison to its predecessors, it’s always a good idea to stay a step ahead in the game when your security and privacy is at stake. The Win 10 Reinforce feature of Iobit Advanced SystemCare 10 Pro helps you in doing just that by reinforcing the existing security features of Windows 10. You can use this feature to ensure that everything in Windows is working flawlessly to keep your PC secure.

Cleaning Tools

Iobit Advanced SystemCare 10 Professional can clean a lot of BS from your computer. It has got dedicated tools to clean the Windows registry, junk files and privacy related content. Plus, it has also got a number of other tools to perform other critical tasks, like:

  • Startup optimizer
  • Disk optimizer
  • Disk scanner

And much more than that. If you’ve this software, I don’t think that you'll need anything else to maintain your Windows in an organized and clean state.


In the end we can say that Iobit Advanced SystemCare 10 Professional is a great tool for every Windows user. It’s a 360o solution that not only speeds up your slowing PC but also protects you from all the issues that often come with it. Security, privacy and performance optimization - all have been provided considerable attention while developing it. And at $49 it’s also quite affordable. You should certainly try it once at least to experience its power.

Top Features

Core Features
  • Cleaning System
  • Fixing System
  • System Optimization
  • Ultimate System Tuneup
  • Real-time Optimization
  • Internet Booster
  • Cleaning Windows Registry
  • Hard Drive Maximization
  • Security Threats Detection
  • Security Threats Protection
  • Anti-Tracking Browser
  • Automated Updating
  • Automated Ram Cleaning
  • New Skins & Themes
  • Background Software


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