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By: Ashampoo GmbH

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Ashampoo WinOptimizer is computer performance optimization and utility software that cleans up, optimizes and protects your PC. The interface is easy to use and gives users a complete view of their system issues including hard disk temperature, memory status, graphics card performance, etc. Other features include Hard disk speed evaluation, one click cleaning and optimization, internet cache cleaner, HDD Inspector, live tuning, compatible with Windows XP, Vista and above, etc.

Detailed Review


Has got an easy to use interface and a very good set of features. Also comes with special privacy protection tools for Windows 10.


The license allows one user only, which makes it costlier in comparison to other products.


Though it’s a good software in its league, the license limitation of only one user is a bit discouraging. But if that doesn’t bother you, it can be a good choice.

Do you know what's common between cars and PCs? When they're new, they work as smooth and fast as they can. But as they age they start getting slower and sluggish. If you want to keep them working fine, they require maintenance. Fortunately, unlike cars in most cases the maintenance of PCs doesn't require you to take it out and leave in the hands of a mechanic. As long as you've right maintenance software working in your PC, it can keep your computer well maintained.

So here we're going to review a widely popular PC maintenance software named Ashampoo WinOptimizer 14. Let's figure what it can do for performance of our PCs and how good it is:

Feature Set

The features of any software matter a lot. They can make or break the software. Fortunately, Ashampoo WinOptimizer has got a very comprehensive set of features. Besides general system maintenance features (i.e. registry optimizers, hard disk management utilities, startup optimizer etc.) it has also got all nice-to-haves (i.e. internet connection optimizer, file encryption and maintenance planner) and also some features that make it unique in its category. Two such features are:

Automatic Optimization: If you wish, The software can take care of your system health without having any inputs from you. Yes – it can delete all junk files and perform all the optimizations without requiring anything to be done or any input to be provided by you.

Windows 10 Privacy Control: Internet became a data collection machine long time ago, and Windows 10 has only multiplied its power. Now by default your computer (if it's running Win 10) sends information about you (including sensitive information like passwords, location etc.) and your data (i.e. telemetry data, photos and other files) to Microsoft. Fortunately, Ashampoo WinOptimizer 14 comes with dedicated tools to stop this non-consensual data and information sharing.

There're also some not-so-unique features which have been provided easy access with dedicated options in the software. For example, it has got dedicated module for allowing you to delete your internet traces whenever you want to, and a dedicated module to undo any changes done by the program just in case something goes wrong. Small things, but providing easy access to them shows how well planned this software is.

User Interface and Experience

The blue and white user interface of software provides an experience that's very simple and user friendly. The features have been organized neatly in five different sections:

  • Overview section, which is the home page of software, provides you an overall view of your computer's health;
  • Automatic section, which can be used to setup automatic optimization feature described above;
  • Modules section, which provides access to all the tools and utilities packed in this software.
  • Favorites provide quick access to your most used features in the software;
  • Backups section includes all backup and restore related features;
  • And finally a Statistics section to display stats regarding the scans that you run.

The main overview screen shows all major issues that exist in your PC. Neat organization can be seen here as well – the issues are organized into 3 categories named Clean up, Optimize and Protect and each category shown in big blue boxes that grab attention. The automatic feature too can be turned ‘on' or ‘off' from here, but if you want to play more with its then there's a dedicated “Automatic” tab as well.

In short, you won't have a hard time understanding what the software is trying to tell you even if you're a first time user of PC tune-up software. That's a big plus point in its favor.


Whether you're a new user or an experienced tinkerer, WinOptimizer 14 has enough flexibility built in to meet your requirements. However, it also has some major limitations associated with it, the most pronouncing of which is limitation of single-user license. But if that doesn't bother you and you want to use it on one PC only, you may want to give it some serious thought, particularly because of its strong privacy features and ease of use.

Top Features

Core Features
  • Enhanced User Experience
  • Game Booster
  • Managing System Policies
  • Restructured Startup Page
  • Managing Restore Points
  • Backup Manager
  • Live Tuner
  • Tuning Assistant
  • Task Scheduler
System Maintenance
  • Drive Cleaner
  • Internet Cleaner
  • Updating Search Algorithms
  • Setup Filter
  • Windows Registry Defragment
  • One-click Optimization
  • Drive Cleaner
  • Removing Internet Traces
  • Hard Disks Defragment
  • Registry Optimization
File Tools
  • File Manipulator
  • Finding Duplicate Files
  • Securely Deleting Files
  • File Wiper
  • Deleting from Recycle-bin
  • Finding Shortcuts
  • Deleting File Remnants
  • Encrypt & Decrypt Files
  • Split Files
  • Recovering Deleted Files
System Analysis
  • Benchmarking Hard Disk
  • Optimum SSD Supported
  • Managing Installed Fonts
  • Detecting HDD Issues
  • Detailed System Information
  • Viewing Space Usage
  • Benchmarking System
  • Comparing Benchmark Results
System Performance
  • Service Manager
  • Speedup Windows Startup
  • Internet Connections Optimization
  • Viewing Running Process
  • Managing Running Process
  • Reviewing & Uninstalling Application
Windows Customization
  • Adjusting Hidden Setting
  • Improving Privacy
  • Adjusting File Associations
  • Context Menu Customization
  • Desktop Icon Arrangement


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Company Information

Company Name: Ashampoo GmbH

Founded In: 1999

Address: Felix-Wankel-Str. 16, Oldenburg, Germany

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