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BillGrid provides online invoice, online billing, and expense management software for small businesses. It features professional invoices, invoice customization, automated email reminders, online payment gateways, intuitive time tracking, weekly time logging, organized client information, and more. The service is provided by, a SaaS company that focuses on creating a user-friendly platform for their clients.

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BillGrid provides professional and well-designed invoices that are brandable and customizable.


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With only two available pricing plans, BillGrid is a simple invoicing tool that you can use for your business, whether you are a freelancer or a small business owner. All the invoices are designed professionally, with beautiful look and feel so that your customers will be more motivated to pay it quickly.

BillGrid is an online invoicing tool developed by BillGrid, a software-as-a-service company founded in 2010. The mission for BillGrid is to provide an easy solution for freelancers and small businesses in creating their business invoice. The commitment for this company is to provide user-friendly invoicing software that can be used by any business, so that they can keep their professional look with their invoice.

Well-Designed Invoices

The best feature that you can find on BillGrid is probably its well-designed invoice and estimate layouts. The invoice design itself will keep your business look professional and motivate your customers to pay the invoice quickly. You can customize all aspects of each invoice, including the company logo, font color and style, item image, invoice description, company name, and so on. In this way, you will always be able to make your invoice look good, which will help to improve your business image as well.

Reminders And Online Payments

You can set the automatic reminder for late payments so that the software will automatically remind your customers to pay their invoice immediately. You don’t need to do that manually. So, you just need to set the reminder once and let the system run automatically, helping you to remind your customers about their overdue invoice payments. You can also let your customers pay your invoice instantly from their email address by integrating with various online payment services such as PayPal,, Google Wallet, and Stripe.

Time Tracking Feature

BillGrid offers an intuitive time tracking feature that provides accurate time tracking and logging feature, which is available on every plan. So, whether you are an individual or a small business owner, you can always log your time with BillGrid and get the accurate report for that. There is also a weekly time logging and reporting features to keep your project tracked during the week. The detailed reports will also give you the big picture regarding your projects and the activity that you do. Then, you can import the report from the BillGrid software to CSV or Excel format. You can bill your work time and create an invoice based on the work time that you’ve spent on a project.

Manage And Organize Your Clients

You can manage all the information about your clients and organize them in your main dashboard. No matter how many clients you are dealing with, this management feature will allow you to save time by sending your invoice to the right client. You can also schedule email reminder for specific clients in order to pay their invoices immediately. Whenever you want to create a new invoice for the same client, you don’t need to type all their data from scratch, instead your data will automatically be added in the field.

Manage Your Work

BillGrid allows you to organize your work in multiple projects. So, even though you are working for the same client, you can separate the workload into multiple sessions called projects in order to manage it more efficiently. Then, you can send invoices, estimates, and time log for each project. You can also monitor the budget for your project within the BillGrid software, which will allow you to see whether the budget will match the project or not.


If you want to have a professional invoicing software for your business, BillGrid is the one for you. With simple and affordable pricing plans that you can choose, you will be able to use this service based on your business type. If you are an individual business person, you can use the professional plan, which has support for only 1 user. But, if you have some employees that will handle the invoicing process for your business, you can choose the company plan, which has support for multiple staff.

Top Features

Quotes & Invoices
  • Unlimited Invoices & Estimates
  • Professional Invoices & Estimates
  • Invoice Customization
  • Line Items Customization
  • Automated Email Reminders
  • Accepting Online Payments
  • Recurring Invoices
Time Tracking
  • Unlimited Time Tracking
  • Intuitive Time Tracking
  • Weekly Time Logging
  • Time Reporting
  • Time Billing
  • Active Timer
  • Unlimited Client Accounts
  • Organize Clients
  • Scheduled Emails
  • Invoice Reminders
  • Managing Clients
  • Organize Projects
  • Setup Budget
  • Multiple Staffing


Ideal For
  • Individual
  • Startup
Pricing Model
  • Monthly Subscription
  • Cloud


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